PlayX Core

pub package

Core package for playx eco system contains shared classes and utilities.


  • Common utilities and packages across PlayX packages
  • Common extensions that is needed for different apps.
  • Prefs facade : Key value pair storage powered by SharedPreferences.
  • SecurePreferences facade : Key value pair encrypted storage powered by SecurePreferences.
  • bootCore function : inject and setup what is necessary .
  • Exports : packages like get , readable.


this packages is not for developers to use in day to day do not use it directly in your project

Consider using our Playx Package: Which comes prepackaged with Playx Theme with more features and is easy to use.


in pubspec.yaml add these lines to dependencies

playx_core: ^0.1.2


Boot the core

 void main ()async{

  /// boot the core
  await PlayXCore.bootCore();
  /// run the real app
  runApp(const MyApp());

Thats it

You can now access PlayxCore capabilities like Prefs on your app.

See Also:

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