BuildColumn<T> extension Null safety

DSL extension to define a column inside a drift table.



check(Expression<bool?> condition) ColumnBuilder<T>
Adds a CHECK constraint to this column. [...]
clientDefault(T onInsert()) ColumnBuilder<T>
Sets a dynamic default value for this column. [...]
customConstraint(String constraint) ColumnBuilder<T>
Tells drift to write a custom constraint after this column definition when writing this column, for instance in a CREATE TABLE statement. [...]
generatedAs(Expression<T?> generatedAs, {bool stored = false}) VirtualColumnBuilder<T>
Declare a generated column. [...]
references(Type table, Symbol column, {KeyAction? onUpdate, KeyAction? onDelete}) ColumnBuilder<T>
Adds a foreign-key reference from this column. [...]
withDefault(Expression<T> e) ColumnBuilder<T>
The column will use this expression when a row is inserted and no value has been specified. [...]