KeyAction enum Null safety

A KeyAction can be used on a BuildColumn.references clause to describe how updates and deletes to a referenced table should propagate in your database.

By default, KeyAction.noAction will be used. For details, see the sqlite3 documentation.



cascade → const KeyAction

Propagate updates and deletes into referencing rows.

const KeyAction(2)
noAction → const KeyAction

No special action is taken when the parent key is modified or deleted from the database.

const KeyAction(4)
restrict → const KeyAction

Forbid deleting or updating the referenced column in a database if there are children pointing towards it.

const KeyAction(3)
setDefault → const KeyAction

Set the column back to its default value when the referenced column changes.

const KeyAction(1)
setNull → const KeyAction

Set the column to null when the referenced column changes.

const KeyAction(0)
values → const List<KeyAction>

A constant List of the values in this enum, in order of their declaration.

const List<KeyAction>


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