Context class Null safety

A synthizer context.

Synthizer docs

Contexts can be created with the Synthizer.createContext function.

Mixed in types


Context(Synthizer synthizer, {bool events = false, int? pointer})
Create a context.


currentTime SynthizerDoubleProperty
The current Synthizer time.
read-only, inherited
defaultClosenessBoost SynthizerDoubleProperty
The default closeness boost for this object.
defaultClosenessBoostDistance SynthizerDoubleProperty
The default closeness boost distance for this object.
defaultDistanceMax SynthizerDoubleProperty
The default distance max for this object.
defaultDistanceModel SynthizerDistanceModelProperty
The default distance model for this object.
defaultDistanceRef SynthizerDoubleProperty
The default distance ref for this object.
defaultPannerStrategy SynthizerPannerStrategyProperty
The default panner strategy for this context.
defaultRolloff SynthizerDoubleProperty
The default rolloff for this object.
events Stream<SynthizerEvent>
Get a stream of synthizer events. [...]
gain SynthizerDoubleProperty
The gain for this object.
read-only, inherited
handle Pointer<syz_Handle>
The handle for this object.
late, final, inherited
hashCode int
The hash code for this object. [...]
read-only, inherited
isValid bool
Returns true if this object is still valid.
read-only, inherited
orientation SynthizerDouble6Property
The orientation of this context.
position SynthizerDouble3Property
The position of this object.
runtimeType Type
A representation of the runtime type of the object.
read-only, inherited
suggestedAutomationTime SynthizerDoubleProperty
The suggested automation time.
read-only, inherited
synthizer Synthizer
The synthizer instance.
final, inherited


clearAllProperties(SynthizerObject object, {double? time}) → void
Clear all properties for object. [...]
clearEvents(SynthizerObject object, {double? time}) → void
Clear all events for object. [...]
configDeleteBehavior({bool? linger, double? timeout}) → void
Configure delete behaviour for this object.
ConfigRoute(SynthizerObject output, SynthizerObject input, {double gain = 1.0, double fadeTime = 0.01, BiquadConfig? filter}) → void
Configure an fx send.
createAngularPannedSource({PannerStrategy pannerStrategy = PannerStrategy.delegate, double azimuth = 0.0, double elevation = 0.0}) AngularPannedSource
Create a panned source with an azimuth and an elevation.
createBufferGenerator({Buffer? buffer}) BufferGenerator
Create a buffer generator.
createDirectSource() DirectSource
Create a direct source.
createGlobalEcho() GlobalEcho
Create a global echo.
createGlobalFdnReverb() GlobalFdnReverb
Create a reverb.
createNoiseGenerator({int channels = 1}) NoiseGenerator
Create a noise generator.
createSaw(double initialFrequency, int partials) FastSineBankGenerator
Create a saw tooth wave.
createScalarPannedSource({PannerStrategy panningStrategy = PannerStrategy.delegate, double panningScalar = 0.0}) ScalarPannedSource
Create a panned source with a scalar.
createSine(double initialFrequency, int partials) FastSineBankGenerator
Create a sine generator.
createSource3D({double x = 0.0, double y = 0.0, double z = 0.0, PannerStrategy pannerStrategy = PannerStrategy.delegate}) Source3D
Create a 3d source.
createSquare(double initialFrequency, int partials) FastSineBankGenerator
Create a square.
createStreamingGenerator(String protocol, String path, {String options = ''}) StreamingGenerator
Create a streaming generator.
createTriangle(double initialFrequency, int partials) FastSineBankGenerator
Create a Tri8angle wave.
decreaseReferenceCount() → void
Decrease the reference count.
destroy() → void
Destroy this object.
@mustCallSuper, inherited
enableEvents() → void
Enable the streaming of context events.
getEvent() SynthizerEvent?
Get the next Synthizer event.
getEvents({Duration duration =}) Stream<SynthizerEvent>
Get a stream of events. [...]
increaseReferenceCount() → void
Increase the reference count.
noSuchMethod(Invocation invocation) → dynamic
Invoked when a non-existent method or property is accessed. [...]
pause() → void
Pause this object.
play() → void
Play this object.
removeRoute(SynthizerObject output, SynthizerObject input, {double fadeTime = 0.01}) → void
Remove an fx route.
toString() String
A string representation of this object. [...]


operator ==(Object other) bool
Used to compare two objects.