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The implementation of the lint rules supported by the analyzer framework. This package is not intended to be used directly.

Code generator for MobX that adds support for annotating your code with @observable, @computed, @action and also creating Store classes.

Extension for Hive. Automatically generates TypeAdapters to store any class.

A composable, multi-platform, Future-based API for HTTP requests.

The Dart analyzer settings and best practices used internally at Google.

A string-based path manipulation library. All of the path operations you know and love, with solid support for Windows, POSIX (Linux and Mac OS X), and the web.

An API and dev environment for writing console (cli) apps/scripts using dart. e.g. allows you to build bash style scripts with dart.

RFC4122 (v1, v4, v5) UUID Generator and Parser for all Dart platforms (Web, VM, Flutter)

Implementations of SHA, MD5, and HMAC cryptographic functions

A Dart package that helps to implement value based equality without needing to explicitly override == and hashCode.