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Dynamic dashboard widget that allows your users to create their own layouts. Resize, move, indirect resize/move, auto re-layout are supported.
Self-Balancing Binary Search Tree for Dart. BST is implemented as Iterable. There are many operations such as greaterThen, lessThenOrEqual (create sublist), max , min etc.
Style Cron Job is periodic operations executor and definator with basic syntax. You can define a period and run your process with your own executor or through the controller.
Random string generator with easy syntax and many complex options. Specify random string by many options like length, ends etc.
Basic state management base for dart. Sign inspired QT framework signal-slot architecture.
Sign basic state management for Flutter.
A Backend framework for Dart. Style is a modular,easy-to-understand framework and it have flutter style syntax.
MongoDb DataAccess implementation for style_dart.
A starting point for Dart libraries or applications.