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A plugin that helps you create multiple isolates for a function, keep it active, and compute with it (Also supports Worker.js on Web).
This plugin gives you an easy way to detect if the keyboard is visible or not using bottom view insets.
This plugin makes it easier for you to use firebase remote config.
Get current datetime in GMT from internet (, or your own urls) and return DateTime in UTC.
Help you easier to control the update dialog. It also supports the feature that forces the app to update to continue using.
Check whether the version is satisfied with provided String, List, or Map of versions or not.
Make it easier for you to implement multiple languages into your app.
This plugin will make it easier for you to use in-app review with minimal conditions.
Helps you to remove accents and diacritics from strings, it supports both static method and extension.
This is an easy way to authenticate user email with OTP using PHP as a backend in your own server.