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This package helps you to achieve animated notch bottom navigation bar with any widget as children.
A Video Player that support videos from Vimeo platform in Flutter. This Package allow us to play any videos from Vimeo by using its Vimeo Video Id.
This package allow us to customize time picker based on our requirements for selecting a specific range from time picker and it's supports multiple platforms.
A drop down list with single and multiple selection that will work with search.
This package helps you to add drag & drop functionality to exising Gridview.builder.
A package that gives us a slider controller a custom widget. This widget is used for easy customization for the slider widget.
Package provides you a modern animated fancy segment. Show selection of tab using elastic way animation.
A package that supports Bar Chart in a Flutter Sliver. This Package allow us to add Bar Chart in Sliver and its set a Bar Chart as a Header on Slivers Scroll.
This package provides page type animation to onboarding screens and provides indicator.
This package helps you to crop image with ratio and free scale.