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Package that supports Flutter states and their transitions using the Model Notifier package and the Katana Routing package.
ModelNotifier package for Firebase. When you listen in Firestore, you can tell riverpod and others about the update.
Package containing a collection of basic Flutter utilities. It provides the base part of the Masamune framework.
Katana package that provides utilities for firebase. It initializes Firebase and so on.
Masamune package for local notification. Push notifications are sent according to pre-set local schedules.
Module for supporting the Firebase/Firestore function of Masamune framework. It is also available on the web.
Package that makes it easy to define ValueNotifier as a model and improves the affinity with riverpod and freezed.
Package to provide mobile billing functionality. It is equipped with functions to perform all billing on the client without server verification, etc.
Package for routing. It supports page creation and page routing. And other extension methods of BuildContext.
Library that provides advertising system of Masamune framework. Use Admob etc. Model notifier is used to make it easier to use.