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An application development framework centered on automatic code generation using build_runner.
The package provide a universal UI that aims to be written in one code on any platform.
A multilingual package that automatically creates code that can retrieve data from Google spreadsheets and write type-safe code with method chaining.
A package to automatically create routing configurations with build_runner to enable type-safe routing.
A package to make it easier to use Flutter's indicators (especially when waiting for processing in Future).
Firestore plugin for katana_model. A package that models data into documents and collections and allows Firestore, local DB, and data mocks to be handled in the same interface.
Package for receiving PUSH notifications using Firebase Messaging. Firebase Functions can also be used to send notifications.
A state management package to allow for retention and management while specifying the scope of the state.
Package to provide FormController to define the use of forms and FormStyle to unify the look and feel of forms.
The base part of the package for type-safe use of retrieving and storing Shared Preferences values, defining data in a Freezed-like fashion.