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You can scan photos and albums. Only api, not have ui. you can use the api to create your image picker. or use photo

flutter pageview indicator, easy to use. Custom location, size, but only circular.

Global loading widget, Pure flutter library, not use native code. It is similar to OKToast in use.

Get image width and height, the library does not completely decode the image file, just read the metadata to get the image width and height.

Base by bilibili ijkplayer, it's video/audio player, support https、rtmp、m3u8 and more protocol.

image picker, multi picker support video/icloud asset, use flutter as ui, if you want to build custom ui, you just use photo_manager.

china city picker, Simple and easy to use. A method to pick city.

Automatically generate a resource file by scanning pubspec.yaml to correspond to the flutter's asset, imitation R file short name.

A log library. Open command-line server application. Support as package. Can help save your flutter or dart log to file.