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    flutter pageview indicator, easy to use. Custom location, size, but only circular.

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    You can scan photos and albums. Only api, not have ui. you can use the api to create your image picker. or use photo

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    Global loading widget, Pure flutter library, not use native code. It is similar to OKToast in use.

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    image picker, multi picker support video/icloud asset, use flutter as ui, if you want to build custom ui, you just use photo_manager.

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    Base by bilibili ijkplayer, it's video/audio player, support https、rtmp、m3u8 and more protocol.

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    china city picker, Simple and easy to use. A method to pick city.

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    A log library. Open command-line server application. Support as package. Can help save your flutter or dart log to file.

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    Automatically generate a resource file by scanning pubspec.yaml to correspond to the flutter's asset, imitation R file short name.

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    Get image width and height, the library does not completely decode the image file, just read the metadata to get the image width and height.