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Test utility to ensure generated Dart code within a package is up-to-date when using package:build.
Git command line wrapper. Exposes a Git directory abstraction that makes it easy to inspect and manipulate a local Git repository.
A QR code generation library for Dart and Flutter. Supports QR code version 1 through 40, error correction and redundancy.
A package to add shell command completion to your Dart application
Calculate common statistical values for a set of numbers: max, min, mean, median, standard deviation, and standard error.
Test support for the source_gen package. Includes helpers to make it easy to validate both success and failure cases.
A simple utility for creating GraphViz directed graphs using an object oriented API.
Update your GitHub gh-pages branch with the compiled output of your Dart web app. Supports 'pub build' and the new 'pub run build_runner'.
A builder for extracting a package version into code.
A static HTTP file server for easy local hosting of a directory.