zefyr_plus 0.10.8
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It's a fork from https://github.com/memspace/zefyr

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Soft and gentle rich text editing for Flutter applications.

Zefyr is currently in early preview. If you have a feature request or found a bug, please file it at the issue tracker.

For documentation see https://github.com/memspace/zefyr.

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Installation #

Official releases of Zefyr can be installed from Dart's Pub package repository.

Note that versions from Pub track stable channel of Flutter.

To install Zefyr from Pub add zefyr package as a dependency to your pubspec.yaml:

  zefyr: [latest_version]

And run flutter packages get.

Continue to https://github.com/memspace/zefyr/blob/master/doc/concepts/quick_start.md to learn more about Zefyr and how to use it in your projects.