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Yonomi Device Widgets

Yonomi Device Widgets - Flutter #

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Device Widgets are rich UI components that represent traits supported by our platform (such as Lights, Locks, Thermostats). They are composable and infinitely customizable. They are open-source, and allow developers to build their own device UIs that are intuitive and inherently tied to the traits and actions featured in our platform's Graph API.

Table of contents #

  1. Setup
  2. Running tests

Setup #

Cloning the repo #

Clone the repo into your local machine:

git clone https://github.com/Yonomi/yonomi-device-widgets.git

Installing the package #

In your Flutter app, open your pubspec.yaml file and add the following entry under the dependencies section:

  yonomi_device_widgets: ^1.0.0

Running tests #

Prerequisites #

  • Install lcov:

lcov (For test coverage)

brew install lcov

Run tests with coverage #

flutter test --coverage
genhtml coverage/lcov.info -o coverage/html
open coverage/html/index.html

License #

This application is released under the Apache license v2.0