yarucinnamon 0.0.0-dev.9
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Ubuntu Yaru Cinnamon theme

Changelog #

0.0.0-dev #

  • Initial prerelease

0.0.0-dev.9 #

  • Joshua Peisach
    • Initial yarucinnamon branch
  • Abhishek Ghaskata
    • Remove curly bracket
    • Added curly braces
    • Adding const keyword before constructor
  • Frederik Feichtmeier
    • YaruDark: Slightly transparent switch track
    • update state helper methods
    • Special case dark switches, checks and radios
    • add CircularProgressIndicator to the example app
    • Theme Fixes and CircularProgressIndicator addition
    • Example: Replace or correct (deprecated) Widgets
  • Olivier Tilloy
    • Releasing 0.0.0-dev.5
    • Also define the theme data for OutlinedButton for the light and dark theme variants.
    • Update the colors of the AppBar with the light theme (cool * grey on white).
    • Define the theme data for OutlinedButton to fix its text * foreground color.
    • Ship extra fonts and set them as fontFamilyFallback.
    • dd_custom_command() missing VERBATIM
  • Robert Ancell
    • Releasing 0.0.0-dev.3
    • Add screenshot
    • Add a Yaru standard theme
    • Add a dark theme
    • Use rounded corners on buttons
    • Use full constructor for ThemeData
    • Update tooltip
    • Fix spacing and label colors
    • Add FlatButton and OutlineButton
    • Add a DropdownButton
    • Add a TextField showing an error
    • Add TextFields to example
    • Add radio buttons
    • Add buttons and checkboxes to the example
    • Drop old example code, run through dart format
    • Make the example a full Flutter app
    • Added cla-check, copied from snapcraft
  • Ken VanDine
    • Added example that demonstrates all of the styles
    • bump version to 0.0.0-dev.8 for release
    • Updated README
    • Full url to screenshot, should fix pub.dev/packages/yaru
    • Updated description and homepage to reflect github move
    • Re-license under MPL-2.0 to reduce the barrier for use by * Flutter developers.
    • Releasing 0.0.0-dev.4