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A lightweight library streaming event-based XML Parser to parse XML Documents as a SAX.

xmlstream #

A lightweight api for parsing xml

You can listen to xml encounters and states by parsing the xml char by char.

Simple usage #

The xmlStreamer will send an XmlEvent that will contain the state and value of a specific part of the xml.

See here a simple example how to use it in your application.

var xmlStreamer = new XmlStreamer(rawText);
xmlStreamer.read().listen((e) => print("listen: $e"));

These are the xml states:

  • Top
  • Open
  • Closed
  • Attribute
  • Characters

Namespace and cdate are still on the todo list to support!

Object builder usage #

In this package we provide also the opportunity to build and stream Objects.

If we have the following xml:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<item name="flow">world</item>
<item name="text">say what</item>

You see an item object in it. So we want to pump the data in the following object.

class Item {
  String name;
  String value;

  String toString() => "$name - $value";

You can do that by creating a class that extends from XmlProcessor

class ItemProcessor extends XmlProcessor<Item> {
	ItemProcessor() {
		tagName = "item";
	void onOpenTag(String tag) {
 		element = new Item();
  	void onAttribute(String key, String value) {
		if (key == "name") {
  			element.name = value;
	void onCharacters(String text) {
		element.value = text;

Now bootstrap the processing and you are ready to build a list of Items.

var xmlStreamer = new XmlStreamer(rawText);
var xmlObjectBuilder = new XmlObjectBuilder<Item>(xmlStreamer, new ItemProcessor());
xmlObjectBuilder.onProcess().listen((e) => print("listen: $e"));

The listen method will produce Item objects and you can listen to the production of it. If you want to parse an hierachical object structure then you can take a look at XmlParentProcessor class.

In my project on github you will find some examples how to use it. Any suggestions for improvements are welcome.

Ideas #

It is based upon the SAX's and StAX's principles from Java.

Contributing #

If you found a bug, just create a new issue or even better fork and issue a pull request with you fix.

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A lightweight library streaming event-based XML Parser to parse XML Documents as a SAX.

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