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A lightweight library streaming event-based XML Parser to parse XML Documents as a SAX.

xmlstream #

A lightweight api for parsing xml

You can listen to xml encounters and states by parsing the xml char by char.

Simple usage #

The xmlStreamer will send an XmlEvent that will contain the state and value of a specific part of the xml.

See here a simple example how to use it in your application.

var xmlStreamer = new XmlStreamer(rawText);

These are the xml states:

  • Top
  • Open
  • Closed
  • Attribute
  • Characters

Namespace and cdate are still on the todo list to support!

You can add an option to XmlStream to trim space or not, standard he will do this.

var xmlStreamer = new XmlStreamer(rawText, trimSpaces: false);
xmlStreamer.read().listen((e) => print("listen: $e"));

Object builder usage #

In this package we provide also the opportunity to build and stream Objects.

If we have the following xml:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<item name="flow">world</item>
<item name="text">say what</item>

You see an item object in it. So we want to pump the data in the following object.

class Item {
  String name;
  String value;

  String toString() => "$name - $value";

You can do that by creating a class that extends from XmlProcessor

class ItemProcessor extends XmlProcessor<Item> {
	ItemProcessor() {
		tagName = "item";
	void onOpenTag(String tag) {
 		element = new Item();
  	void onAttribute(String key, String value) {
		if (key == "name") {
  			element.name = value;
	void onCharacters(String text) {
		element.value = text;

Now bootstrap the processing and you are ready to build a list of Items.

var xmlStreamer = new XmlStreamer(rawText);
var xmlObjectBuilder = new XmlObjectBuilder<Item>(xmlStreamer, new ItemProcessor());
xmlObjectBuilder.onProcess().listen((e) => print("listen: $e"));

The listen method will produce Item objects and you can listen to the production of it. If you want to parse an hierachical object structure then you can take a look at XmlParentProcessor class.

In my project on github you will find some examples how to use it. Any suggestions for improvements are welcome.

Ideas #

It is based upon the SAX's and StAX's principles from Java.

Contributing #

If you found a bug, just create a new issue or even better fork and issue a pull request with you fix.

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A lightweight library streaming event-based XML Parser to parse XML Documents as a SAX.

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