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Access XDG thumbnails on Unix systems

xdg_thumbnails #

Access XDG thumbnails on Unix systems.

Features #

  • Access thumbnails by Uri
  • Get normal or large sizes of the thumbnails

Usage #

// create an [XdgThumbnail] instance
final thumbnail = XdgThumbnail(Uri.path('/my/fancy/file.extension'));

// get the normal thumbnail file
final normalThumbnail = thumbnail.normal;

if(normalThumbnail == null) {
  print('There\'s no thumbnail for the fancy file.');


// or you might fetch the large thumbnail
final largeThumbnail = thumbnail.large;

Additional information #

Theoretically, the XDG Thumbnail Managing Standard allows "Extra", as well as "Extra extra" large thumbnails too, but in real life, it does not seem as if they are used. As a result, this package does not support them to avoid confusion.

This package is EUPL licensed.