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WooCommerce REST API for dart, connect a WooCommerce store and start developing with our interface for their API endpoints.

WooCommerce API Dart plugin #

Official WooSignal WooCommerce package

Build apps for WooCommerce easier with our new package. Our API provides many requests types e.g. getProducts, getOrders and many more. Free to get started, see the simple examples below.

For help getting started with WooSignal, view our online documentation, which offers a more detail guide.

Getting Started #

In your flutter project add the dependency:

  woosignal: ^3.8.0

Usage example #

Import woosignal.dart

import 'package:woosignal/woosignal.dart';

Example using WooSignal API for WooCommerce #

import 'package:woosignal/woosignal.dart';


_getProducts() async {

        // Step 1 - Initialize WooSignal
        await WooSignal.instance.init(appKey: "your app key");

        // Step 2 - Call an API
        List<Product> products = await WooSignal.instance.getProducts();

        print(products[0].name); // prints a product name

Available API Requests #

WooCommerce - Products

  • Get Products
  • Retrieve a Product by id
  • Update a Product by id
  • Delete a Product by id
  • Create a Product
  • Batch update Products

See Products API

WooCommerce - Product Variations

  • Get Product Variations
  • Retrieve a Product Variation by id

See Product Variations API

WooCommerce - Product Attributes

  • Get Product Attributes

See Product Attributes API

WooCommerce - Products Attribute Terms

  • Get Products Attribute Terms

See Products Attribute Terms API

WooCommerce - Product Categories

  • Get Product Categories

See Product Categories API

WooCommerce - Products Shipping Classes

  • Get Products Shipping Classes

See Products Shipping Classes API

WooCommerce - Product Reviews

  • Get Product Reviews

See Product Reviews API

WooCommerce - Tax Rates

  • Get Tax Rates

See Tax Rates API

WooCommerce - Tax Classes

  • Get Tax Classes

See Tax Classes API

WooCommerce - Shipping Zones

  • Get Shipping Zones
  • Retrieve a Shipping Zone by id

See Tax Classes API

WooCommerce - Shipping Zone Locations

  • Get Shipping Zone Locations
  • Retrieve a Shipping Zone Location by id

See Shipping Zone Locations API

WooCommerce - Shipping Methods

  • Get Shipping Methods

See Shipping Methods API

WooCommerce - Orders

  • Get Orders
  • Retrieve a Order by id
  • Create an Order
  • Update an Order
  • Batch update Orders

See Order API

WooCommerce - Customers

  • Get Customers
  • Create a Customer
  • Delete a Customer
  • Update a Customer
  • Batch update Customers

See Customers API

WooCommerce - API Orders Notes

  • List all Orders Notes
  • Retrieve a Orders Notes by id
  • Delete a Orders Notes by id
  • Create a Orders Notes

See Orders Notes API

WooCommerce - Refunds

  • Get refunds from an order id
  • Retrieve a retrieve and view a specific refund from an order
  • Delete a delete an order refund.
  • Create a new refund for an order

See Refunds API

WooCommerce - Coupons

  • Get all coupons.
  • Retrieve and view a specific coupon by ID
  • Update a coupon.
  • Delete a coupon.
  • Batch update Coupons.

See Coupons API

WooCommerce - Reports

  • Get Reports
  • Retrieve a report of Sales
  • Retrieve a report of Top Sellers
  • Retrieve a report of the Total Coupons
  • Retrieve a report of the Total Customers
  • Retrieve a report of the Total Orders
  • Retrieve a report of the Total Products
  • Retrieve a report of the Total Reviews

See Reports API

WooCommerce - Data

  • Retrieve a list of available data endpoints.
  • Get continents.
  • Retrieve continent data.
  • Get countries.
  • Retrieve country data.
  • Get currencies.
  • Retrieve currency data.
  • Retrieve current currency data.

See Data API

WooCommerce - System Status

  • Get System Status Items

See System Status API

WooCommerce - Payment gateways

  • Retrieve a Payment Gateway by id
  • Get all the Payment Gateways
  • Update a Payment Gateway

See Payment gateways API

WooCommerce - Setting options

  • Retrieve a specific Setting Option
  • Get all the Setting Options
  • Update a Setting Option by id
  • Batch update Setting Options

See Setting options API

Disclaimer: This plugin is not affiliated with or supported by Automattic, Inc. All logos and trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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WooCommerce REST API for dart, connect a WooCommerce store and start developing with our interface for their API endpoints.

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