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Dart package to create immutable validated value objects with the benefit of type safety and code readability.

Valid value objects #

Dart package to create immutable validated value objects with the benefit of type safety and code readability.

Table of contents #

Overview #

You might be familiar with Value Objects from DDD concepts. Value Objects provides

  • immutability
  • type safety
  • code readability
  • validation
    • Objects are only instantiated if input parameter(s) are valid.
    • Making invalid value objects unrepresentable.

The package provides the following value objects:

  • EmailAddress
  • IPAddress
  • ISBN
  • Name, FirstName, MiddleName, LastName
  • Password
  • PhoneNumber
  • UniqueId, TimeId

Note: Create your own value object by extending ValueObject class

Exceptions #

Some examples on how to create value objects.

Possible expections at object creation: #

  • RequiredValueException
  • InvalidValueException
  • TooShortValueException
  • TooLongValueException

Note: All of the above exceptions are instance of ValueException.

Object creation #

EmailAddress #

EmailAddress instantiation:

try {
  EmailAddress e = EmailAddress('');
} on RequiredValueException {
  // happens if param is null or empty
} on InvalidValueException {
  // happens if param doesn't match regex

// OR handle all exception at once:

try {
   EmailAddress e = EmailAddress('');
} on ValueException catch (e) {  
  // catches all value exceptions

// OR don't handle exceptions at all if you're sure that the value is correct.

Customization #

Password #

You may want to configure the default password requirements.

// Requirements can be set one by one:

Password.minChar = ...;
Password.maxChar = ...;
Password.mustContainUpperChar = ...;
Password.mustContainNumeric = ...;

// OR you can set it using the following method:

  minChar: 10, // default: 8
  maxChar: 50, // default: 255
  mustContainLowerChar: false, // default: true
  mustContainNumeric: false, // default: true
  mustContainUpperChar: false, // default: true
  mustContainSpecialChar: false, // default: false

Custom validators #

EmailAddress.customValidator = (str) => str.contains('@');   
PhoneNumber.customValidator = (str) { ... };
FirstName.customValidator = (str) => ...;

If you define a customValidator the class's factory constuctor(s) and validator function(s) will validate by your custom validator instead of the default one.

Serialization #

Above validation and type safety every value object provides a toJson and fromJson method. By that fact, storing them in a NoSQL database is easy. The package is compatible with json_serialization package, but the package on it's own does not depend on it.

Costumize the key fields if required. Every value object has a static key field which are used by toJson and fromJson functions.

Default keys:

  • EmailAddress: "email"
  • Name: "name"
  • FirstName: "firstName"
  • MiddleName: "middleName"
  • LastName: "lastName"
  • IPAddress: "ip"
  • ISBN: "isbn"
  • Password: "password"
  • PhoneNumber: "phone"
  • UniqueId: "id"

Finding a key in a nested Map object? No problem.

const simpleMap = {'email' : ''};
const nestedMap = {
  'person' : {
    'contact' : {
      'phone' : '...',
      'email' : '',

EmailAddress.fromJson(simpleMap) == EmailAddress.fromJson(nestedMap) // true

Check the example folder for more clarification.

Please feel free to open an issue if you have a feature request or some useful thoughts about the package:

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Dart package to create immutable validated value objects with the benefit of type safety and code readability.

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