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An un-opinionated url-based Router implementation (Navigator 2.0)

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An un-opinionated url-based Router implementation (Navigator 2.0).

late final router = UrlRouter(
  onGeneratePages: (router) => [
    MaterialPage(child: MainView(router.url)),

Widget build(BuildContext context) => MaterialApp.router(
  routeInformationParser: UrlRouteParser(),
  routerDelegate: router,

UrlRouter makes no assumptions about your UI layout. How you react to router.url is up to you.

Features #

  • Easily read and update the current url and query params
  • Supports deep linking, protected urls, and redirects
  • Back and forward navigation in browser
  • Full control over url to page mapping, wildcards etc

🔨 Installation #

  url_router: ^0.2.0

🕹ī¸ Usage #

  • Declare a UrlRouter and implement the onGeneratePages method
  • Return a list of Page elements that represent your desired navigator stack
  • Implement the optional onChanging and builder delegates

Here is an intermediate example, showing a persistent MainView with a SettingsView that can sit on top. It also implements simple authentication and shows how to wrap some outer widgets around the Navigator:

late final router = UrlRouter(
  // The Flutter `Navigator` expects a set of `Page` instances
  onGeneratePages: (router) {
    return [
      // Main view is always present
      MaterialPage(child: MainView()),
      // Settings can sit on top of main view (and can be popped)
      if(router.url == '/settings')... [
         MaterialPage(child: SettingsView()),
  // Optional, protect or redirect urls
  onChanging: (router, newUrl) {
    if (authorized == false) return '/'; // redirect to main view
    return newUrl; // allow change
  // Optional, wrap some outer UI around navigator
  builder: (router, navigator) {
    return Row(
      children: [ 
         const SideBar(), 
         Expanded(child: navigator) 


As seen above you can use the onChanging delegate to redirect or protect certain urls.

The builder delegate can be used to wrap extra scaffolding, or to discard the provided navigator and implement a custom routing scheme (more on this below).

Controlling the url #

UrlRouter offers a small but powerful API to control the url:

API Description
.url read / update the current path
.push add a segment to the current path
.pop remove a segment from the current path
.onChanging called before path is changed, allows for protected paths and redirects
.queryParams read / update the current query parameters

Accessing the router #

Access the UrlRouter anywhere in your app, using UrlRouter.of(context), or use the context extensions:

  • context.url
  • context.urlPush
  • context.urlPop
  • context.urlRouter

Outer Scaffolding #

You can use the builder delegate to wrap persistent UI around the underlying Navigator widget:

final router = UrlRouter(
    builder: (router, navigator) {
      return Row(
        children: [
          Expanded(child: navigator),

Handling full-screen modals #

When using UI around the Navigator, like title-bars or side-bars, it is common to want to show dialogs and bottom sheets that sit above that UI.

This is most easily solved by adding a second Navigator, above the one that is handled by the router.

final router = UrlRouter(
    builder: (router, navigator) {
      return Navigator(
        onGenerateRoute: (_) {
          return PageRouteBuilder(
            transitionDuration: Duration.zero,
            pageBuilder: (_, __, ___){
                return AppScaffold(body: navigator);

Using custom Navigator(s) #

To provide a fully custom navigation implementation ignore the Widget navigator parameter from within the builder delegate:

UrlRouter(builder: (_, navigator) => MyApp());

UrlRouter at this point would be responsible only for reading and writing url, and calling builder whenever it changes.

MyApp would be responsible for setting up a nested Navigator, or otherwise responding to router.url.

🐞 Bugs/Requests #

If you encounter any problems please open an issue. If you feel the library is missing a feature, please raise a ticket on Github and we'll look into it. Pull request are welcome.

📃 License #

MIT License

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An un-opinionated url-based Router implementation (Navigator 2.0)

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