unifmt 0.2.12


A universal code formatter.

unifmt #

Pub Package

The universal code formatter for the MolView project. This program automatically formats all code in the current directory to match the style conventions. You can find out which conventions are used by looking at the source code of this tool. It will automatically alert you if you have to install a formatter on your system.

Getting started #

Install #

To install unifmt on your system, run:

pub global activate unifmt

Command line arguments #

-h, --[no-]help

Displays usage information.

-v, --[no-]verbose

Output non-critical formatting messages.

-f, --[no-]force

Ignore errors in run-once mode (i.e. --no-watch).

-w, --[no-]watch

Watch current directory for changes and reformat them.

-e, --exclude

Exclude the given file globs.

Set copyright holder for license headers.

-l, --license

Set SPDX license ID for license headers.

Notes #

Gitignore #

unifmt parses the .gitignore file in the directory where it is executed and does not format files that are excluded in the .gitignore file. However, .gitignore files that are located in subdirectories are not parsed!