twinkle_button 0.0.3

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A button plug-in that can flash.

Twinkle Button #

A button plug-in that can flash.

Installation #

Add dependency to pubspec.yaml

  twinkle_button: ^lastest_version

Run in your terminal

flutter packages get

How to use #

import 'package:twinkle_button/twinkle_button.dart';
  buttonTitle: Text(
    'Subscribe with Free Trial',
    style: TextStyle(
      color: Colors.white,
          fontWeight: FontWeight.w300,
          fontSize: 17.0,
    buttonColor: Color(0xff3dce89),
    onclickButtonFunction: () {

Attribute #

buttonTitlenullChange this value if you what to put pagination in other placeThe text on the button, cannot be omitted.
buttonColornullButton background color, cannot be omitted.
buttonHeight50.0Height of button.
buttonWidth200.0Width of button.
durationTime3Button blink interval.(seconds)
twinkleTime300Blink time.(milliseconds)
highlightColorColors.whiteFlash effect background color.
onclickButtonFunctionnullEvents executed by clicking the button, cannot be omitted.