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Convert images to text in your browser

Textifier is a dart library that lets you convert images to any text of your choosing, in your browser


Textifier can print as HTML an image or it can even print it in you browser's console.

Instalation #

  $ pub get textifier

Usage #

Here is the mandatory one-liner to show how simple it can be.

  new Textifier().draw('images/piggies.png', target);

Of course you are probably going to want use some options. Textifier takes a few optional named arguments.

⚠️ NOTES ⚠️ #

Textifier needs CORS access to the source images.

optional arguments #

Every other option will be in the option object.

maxWidthInfinityString|nummaxWidth should be a positive number. This sets maximum width of the rendered image. If it is not set or set with an invalid value, it will take as much space as it can.
Valid values are either a number or a valid CSS size value (e.g 200px).
Unless specified units will be measured in characters.
maxHeight"Infinity"String|numSame as maxWidth except that if it is not set the maximum height will be the the same as the height of the original image but in characters instead of pixels.
characters"01"StringThe character list to write the image with.
background#00000000StringColor of the background. This color will also be rendered in text.
orderedfalseboolIf true the characters will show up in order of the characters string
color0intIf the image should be colored, in grayscale or monochrome
0 = colored
1 = grayscale
2 = monochrome
Textifier comes with some constants so you don't have to memorize this

Functions #

There are 3 main functions in Textifier, write, draw and log. There a few other mainly used internally but available anyways since they might come in handy.

write, draw #

arguments: (String url, Element element, bool append)

The write and draw functions work exactly the same way. The only difference is that write will print html in a <pre> tag and the draw will print an actual image on a canvas.


type: String

The url of the image to be used.


type: Element

The element in which the rendered image will be added to.


type: bool

If the rendered image should be appended or replace the contents of the target element.

  new Textifier(maxWidth: 100, characters: 'oink', ordered: true).draw('images/piggies.png', target);

Rendered image

log #

arguments: (String url)

The log function will print the image in the dev console of your browser.


type: String

The url of the image to be used.

  new Textifier(maxWidth: 100, characters: 'oink', ordered: true).log('images/piggies.png');

Rendered image

Constants #

Textifier comes with some "constants" so you don't have to remember arguments that are numbers and to make your code more readable.

  Textifier.COLORED = 0;
  Textifier.GRAYSCALE = 1;
  Textifier.MONOCHROME = 2;

  Textifier.HTML = 0;
  Textifier.CANVAS = 1;
  Textifier.CONSOLE = 2;

License #

MIT License