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Have you been turned into a problem with writing code for Http requests? This package can help. It has all of the Http and model codegen functionality you have been looking for.

Swagger dart code generator

📣 Build dart types from Swagger/OpenAPI schemas 📣 #

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SwaggerDartCodeGenerator is a code generator that looks for *.swagger files and builds .swagger.dart files, based on the schema. Code generation based on Chopper and JsonAnnotation models and can be configured for your needs.

Overview #

In general case for each .swagger file three outputs will be created.
.dart generated by Swagger dart code generator, contains all models, requests, converters, etc.
[Since v1.2.0] .enums.dart generated by Swagger dart code generator, contains all enums and enums mappings.
.chopper.dart - generated by chopper.
.g.dart - generated by json_serializable.


Installation #

The generated code uses the following packages in run-time:

  chopper: ^6.1.1
  json_annotation: ^4.8.0

Add the following to your pubspec.yaml file to be able to do code generation:

  build_runner: ^2.3.3
  chopper_generator: ^6.0.0
  json_serializable: ^6.6.1
  swagger_dart_code_generator: ^2.10.4

Then run:

dart pub get


flutter pub get

Now SwaggerGenerator will generate the API files for you by running:

dart run build_runner build

Configuration #

Swagger generator offers some configuration options to generate code. All options should be included on build.yaml file on the root of the project:

          # custom configuration options!
Option Default value Is required Description
input_folder - true Path to folder with .swagger files (for ex. swagger_examples, or lib/swaggers).
output_folder - true Path to output folder (for ex. lib/generated).
input_urls [] false Here you can mention list of files to be downloaded from the internet. You can check example of usage.
with_base_url true false If this option is false, generator will ignore base url in swagger file.
use_required_attribute_for_headers true false If this option is false, generator will not add @required attribute to headers.
with_converter true false If option is true, combination of all mappings will be generated.
ignore_headers false false If option is true, headers will not be generated.
additional_headers false false List of additional headers, not specified in Swagger. Example of usage: build.yaml
enums_case_sensitive true false If value is false, 'enumValue' will be defined like Enum.enumValue even it's json key equals 'ENUMVALUE'
include_paths [] false List
exclude_paths [] false List
classes_with_nullabe_lists [] false List of regex strings. If class name matches any of regex - list properties will have default value null. Otherwise it will be empty list. If you used use_default_null_for_lists: true, just set .* value for this property and result will be same. Check example for more details
build_only_models false false If option is true, chopper classes will not be generated.
separate_models false false If option true, generates models into separate file.
include_if_null null false Sets includeIfNull JsonAnnotation feature and sets value for it. If null - not set anything.
default_values_map [] false Contains map of types and theirs default values. See DefaultValueMap.
response_override_value_map [] false Contains map of responses and theirs overridden values. See ResponseOverrideValueMap.
cut_from_model_names - false If your model names are long and contain a lot of duplicated words, for example DbUsersModelsV3GeneralUserModel, you can cut off duplicated part, using cut_from_model_names : DbUsersModelsV3. Also, you can use regex expressions in this parameter.
nullable_models - false List of model names should have force-nullable properties. Example of usage in build.yaml.
override_equals_and_hashcode - true If need to decrease app size - you can disable generation of hashcode and Equals method.
overriden_models - false List of manually written models that will replace the generated one. Can be different for each file. See example here
use_path_for_request_names true false Can be false only if all requests has unique operationId. It gives readable names for requests.
addBasePathToRequests true false Add swagger base path to all request path.

It's important to remember that, by default, build will follow Dart's package layout conventions, meaning that only some folders will be considered to parse the input files. So, if you want to reference files from a folder other than lib/, make sure you've included it on sources:

      - lib/**
      - swagger_examples/**
      - swaggers/**

Default Value Map for model generation #

If you want to add defaultValue: attribute to fields with concrete type you can use default value map. Please see next example:

          input_folder: 'lib/swaggers'
          output_folder: 'lib/generated_code/'
            - type_name: int
              default_value: '36'
            - type_name: String
              default_value: 'default'
            - type_name: 'List<String>'
              default_value: '[]'
            - '\/cars\/get'
            - '\/popular\/cars'

Overriden Models Implementation #

          input_folder: "input_folder/"
          output_folder: "lib/swagger_generated_code/"
            - file_name: "pet_service_json"
              import_url: "../overriden_models.dart"
                - "Pet"
                - "Order"
            - file_name: "pet_service_swagger"
              import_url: "../overriden_models_another.dart"
                - "Result"

Response Override Value Map for requests generation #

If you want to override response for concrete request, you can use response_override_value_map. For example:

          input_folder: 'lib/swaggers'
          output_folder: 'lib/generated_code/'
            - url: '/store/inventory'
              method: get
              overridden_value: 'List<dynamic>'
            - url: '/news/latest'
              method: put
              overridden_value: 'MyPerfectType'

Check the examples to see how to use it in details.

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Have you been turned into a problem with writing code for Http requests? This package can help. It has all of the Http and model codegen functionality you have been looking for.

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