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Tools for surveying Dart sources

📐 surveyor #

Tools for surveying Dart packages.

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Disclaimer: This is not an officially supported Google product.

Installing #

These tools are best run from source. To get the sources, clone the surveyor repo like this:

$ git clone

From there you can run the examples.

Examples #

Surveying API Use #

dart run example/api_surveyor.dart <path_to_project>

will analyze projects at the given path and identify uses of a few specific APIs.

Surveying async Identifier Use #

dart run example/async_surveyor.dart <path_to_project>

will analyze projects at the given path and identify places where "async" is used as a simple identifer. These places would produce errors if async become a reserved keyword.

Note that this generates a lot of output. To make sure none of it is lost, consider redirecting to a file. For example:

dart run example/async_surveyor.dart  <path>  2>&1 | tee survey_out.txt

Surveying Errors #

dart run example/error_surveyor.dart <path_to_project>

will analyze projects at the given path, filtering for errors.

Surveying Lint Rule Violations #

dart run example/lint_surveyor.dart <path_to_project>

will analyze projects at the given path and identify violations of lint rules (custom rules or ones defined by package:linter).

Surveying API Doc Scoring #

dart run example/doc_surveyor/lib/main.dart <path_to_project>

will analyze the project at the given path flagging public members that are missing API docs.

A sample run produces output like this:

122 public members
Members without docs:
Void • <path-to-provider-repo>/packages/provider/lib/src/proxy_provider.dart • 107:1
NumericProxyProvider • <path-to-provider-repo>/packages/provider/lib/src/proxy_provider.dart • 177:1
Score: 0.98

Surveying Widget Use #

dart run example/widget_surveyor/lib/widget_surveyor.dart <path_to_project>

will analyze the project at the given path and present a list of found Widget child-parent 2-Grams.

A sample run produces a csv file with contents like this:

AppBar -> Text, 1
Center -> Column, 1
Column -> Text, 3
FloatingActionButton -> Icon, 1
MaterialApp -> MyHomePage, 1
Scaffold -> AppBar, 1
Scaffold -> Center, 1
Scaffold -> FloatingActionButton, 1
null -> MaterialApp, 1
null -> MyApp, 1
null -> Scaffold, 1

(Note that by default package dependencies will only be installed if a .packages file is absent from the project under analysis. If you want to make sure package dependencies are (re)installed, run with the --force-install option.)

See also package:pub_crawl, which can be used to fetch package sources for analysis from pub.

Features and bugs #

This is very much a work in progress. Please file feature requests, bugs and any feedback in the issue tracker.


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Tools for surveying Dart sources

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