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A scaffolding generator for your Dart projects. Stagehand helps you get set up!

Stagehand - A Dart project generator #

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Helps you get set up! #

Stagehand helps you get your Dart projects set up and ready for the big show. It's a Dart project scaffolding generator, inspired by tools like Web Starter Kit and Yeoman.

Dart-savvy IDEs and editors use Stagehand behind the scenes to get project templates, but you can also use Stagehand on the command line (stagehand).

Stagehand templates #

  • console-simple - A simple command-line application.
  • console-full - A command-line application sample.
  • package-simple - A starting point for Dart libraries or applications.
  • server-shelf - A web server built using the shelf package.
  • web-angular - A web app with material design components.
  • web-simple - A web app that uses only core Dart libraries.
  • web-stagexl - A starting point for 2D animation and games.

Installation #

If you want to use Stagehand on the command line, install it using pub global activate:

> pub global activate stagehand

To update Stagehand, use the same pub global activate command.

Usage #

Stagehand generates a project skeleton into the current directory. For example, here's how you create a package with Stagehand:

> mkdir fancy_project
> cd fancy_project
> stagehand package-simple

Here's how you list all of the project templates:

> stagehand

Goals #

  • Opinionated and prescriptive; minimal to no options
  • Support for server and client apps
  • The best way to create a new Dart project
  • Used by IntelliJ, WebStorm, Visual Studio Code, Atom, Sublime, and more
  • Distributed as a pub package

Issues and bugs #

Please file reports on the GitHub issue tracker.

Contributing #

Contributions welcome! Please read this short guide first.

Analytics and crash reports #

Learn more about how Stagehand uses Google Analytics for measuring usage and error reporting, and how you can opt out.