sqljocky 0.14.1

Dart 2 incompatible

A MySQL connector

SQLJocky #

This is a MySQL connector for the Dart programming language. It isn't finished, but should work for most normal use. The API is getting reasonably close to where I want it to be now, so hopefully there shouldn't be too many breaking changes in the future.

It will only work in the command-line VM, not in a browser.

News #

The changelog has now been moved to CHANGELOG.md

Usage #

Create a connection pool:

var pool = new ConnectionPool(host: 'localhost', port: 3306, user: 'bob', password: 'wibble', db: 'stuff', max: 5);

Execute a query:

var results = await pool.query('select name, email from users');

Use the results: (Note: forEach is asynchronous.)

results.forEach((row) {
	print('Name: ${row[0]}, email: ${row[1]}');

Or access the fields by name:

results.forEach((row) {
	print('Name: ${row.name}, email: ${row.email}');

Prepare a query:

var query = await pool.prepare('insert into users (name, email, age) values (?, ?, ?)');

Execute the query:

var result = await query.execute(['Bob', 'bob@bob.com', 25]);

An insert query's results will be empty, but will have an id if there was an auto-increment column in the table:

print("New user's id: ${result.insertId}");

Execute a query with multiple sets of parameters:

var results = await query.executeMulti([['Bob', 'bob@bob.com', 25],
		['Bill', 'bill@bill.com', 26],
		['Joe', 'joe@joe.com', 37]]);

Use the list of results:

for (result in results) {
	print("New user's id: ${result.insertId}");

Use a transaction:

var trans = await pool.startTransaction();
var result = await trans.query('...');
await trans.commit();

Development #

To run the examples and tests, you'll need to create a 'connection.options' file by copying 'connection.options.example' and modifying the settings.

Licence #

It is released under the GPL, because it uses a modified part of mysql's include/mysql_com.h in constants.dart, which is licensed under the GPL. I would prefer to release it under the BSD Licence, but there you go.

The Name #

It is named after Jocky Wilson, the late, great darts player. (Hence the lack of an 'e' in Jocky.)

Things to do #

  • Compression
  • More connection pool management (close after timeout, change pool size...)
  • Better handling of various data types, especially BLOBs, which behave differently when using straight queries and prepared queries.
  • Implement the rest of mysql's commands
  • Handle character sets properly? Currently defaults to UTF8 for the connection character set. Is it necessary to support anything else?
  • Improve performance where possible
  • Geometry type
  • Decimal type should probably use a bigdecimal type of some sort
  • MySQL 4 types (old decimal, anything else?)
  • Test against multiple mysql versions