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Flutter package to bundle SQLCipher(sqlite3) library to your windows apps

SQLCipher(SQLite3) V4.5.0 library for windows X64 #

This package help you bundle SQLCipher(SQLite3) library to your apps.

He was originally developed to use with SQLite3 with SQLCipher.

Dependencies #

To work, SQLCipher needs work with OpenSSL 64 bits libraries (libcrypto-1_1-x64.dll and libssl-1_1-x64.dll).
These libraries are automatically pasted near the main Flutter_program.exe. to be dynamically linked with sqlcipher.dll

You can also paste these two DLLs into a Windows PATH directory of your choice.

How to use with SQLite3 package #

Add an override for windows and give it the openSQLCipherOnWindows function provided by the package:

    import 'package:sqlite3/open.dart';
    import 'package:sqlcipher_library_windows/sqlcipher_library_windows.dart';

    open.overrideFor(OperatingSystem.windows, openSQLCipherOnWindows);

Errors #

If you encounted some errors at runtime:

  • ensure you are on a 64 bit Windows version.
  • Use Process Monitor to find details about your error (like a dll not found for example).

Next #

Today, this is a package, it could be better to move it to a plugin to avoid embedding DLLs ont other OS projects.
Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with Flutter Windows Plugin and ignore how to create a plugin with my 3 embedded DLLs.
You're welcome to make a pull request.

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Flutter package to bundle SQLCipher(sqlite3) library to your windows apps

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