spotify_playback 0.0.8


Flutter plugin for using the Spotify Playback library in Flutter. Uses the official Spotify Playback libary.

spotify_playback #


Spotify Playback Plugin.

No iOS Implementation yet, WIP..

Features #

  • Play (track / album / playlist)
  • Resume / pause
  • Queue
  • Playback position
  • Seek
  • Seek to relative position
  • Play Next
  • Play Previous
  • Repeat
  • Shuffle
  • Get image
  • Image link to URI

Installation #

IMPORTANT: Make sure you have the Spotify app installed and that you are logged in or your test device!

First, add spotify_playback as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.

Afterwards, download the Spotify Android SDK here and move the spotify-app-remote-release-x.x.x.aar file to android/app/libs/ in your project.

Then initialize the spotify playback sdk like this

  void initState() {

  /// Initialize the spotify playback sdk, by calling spotifyConnect
  Future<void> initConnector() async {
    try {
      await SpotifyPlayback.spotifyConnect(clientId: "", redirectUrl: "").then(
          (connected) {
        if (!mounted) return;
        // If the method call is successful, update the state to reflect this change
        setState(() {
          _connectedToSpotify = connected;
      }, onError: (error) {
        // If the method call trows an error, print the error to see what went wrong
    } on PlatformException {
      print('Failed to connect.');

After this you can use all the available methods

Available methods #

spotifyConnectInitilizes the spotify playback sdkclientId, redirectUrl
playPlay's an spotify track, album or playlistspotify uri
pausePause's the currently playing track
resumeResumes the currently paused track
queueAdds an track / playlist / album to the queuespotify uri
skipNextPlay's the next track
skipPreviousPlay's the previous track
seekToSeeks to the passed timetime(mS)
seekToRelativePositionSeeks to relative position+-time(mS)
toggleShuffleToggle shuffle options
toggleShuffleToggle Repeat options
getPlaybackPositionGet's the current tracks playback position
getImageGets a Uint8List encoded image(memoryImage)imageUri, quality, size
imageLinkToURiTakes an image url and returns image uri(for get image)imageLink

Example #

Demonstrates how to use the spotify_playback plugin.

See the example documentation for more information.

Function examples #

GetImage #

Get image accepts the following parameters:

  • URI, the spotify image uri - string
  • Quality, the quality the image should be provided in - int 0-100
  • Size, the spotify image size can be one of the following
    • 144 dimension = THUMBNAIL
    • 240 dimension = X_SMALL
    • 360 dimension = SMALL
    • 480 dimension = MEDIUM
    • 720 dimension = LARGE
//You can provide an image uri
SpotifyPlayback.getImage(uri: "spotify:image:3269971d34d3f17f16efc2dfa95e302cc961a36c", quality: 100, size: 360);

//Or you can provide an url returned webAPI
SpotifyPlayback.getImage(uri: SpotifyPlayback.imageLinkToURi(""), quality: 100, size:360);

//Theese both return a Uint8List encoded image.
//You can then use the Image.memory() to display the image

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Special Thanks #

Contributing #

Feel free to contribute by opening issues and/or pull requests. Your feedback is very welcome!

License #

MIT License

Copyright (c) [2019] [Joran Dob] Copyright (c) [2019] [QREATE]

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Flutter plugin for using the Spotify Playback library in Flutter. Uses the official Spotify Playback libary.

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