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Authentication library to connect to a Solid server from

Solid Auth #

Solid Auth is an implementation of Solid-OIDC flow which can be used to authenticate a client application to a Solid POD. Solid OIDC is built on top of OpenID Connect 1.0.

The authentication process works with both Android and Web based client applications. The package can also be used to create DPoP proof tokens for accessing private data inside PODs after the authentication.

This package includes the source code of two other packages, openid_client and dart_jsonwebtoken, with slight modifications done to those package files in order to be compatible with Solid-OIDC flow.

Features #

  • Authenticate a client application to a Solid POD
  • Create DPoP tokens for accessing data inside a POD
  • Access public profile data of a POD using its WebID

Usage #

To use this package add solid_auth as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file. An example project that uses solid_auth can be found here.

Authentication Example #

import 'package:solid_auth/solid_auth.dart';
import 'package:jwt_decoder/jwt_decoder.dart';

// Example WebID
String _myWebId = '';

// Get issuer URI
String _issuerUri = await getIssuer(_myWebId);

// Define scopes. Also possible scopes -> webid, email, api
final List<String> _scopes = <String>[

// Authentication process for the POD issuer
var authData = await authenticate(Uri.parse(_issuerUri), _scopes);

// Decode access token to recheck the WebID
String accessToken = authData['accessToken'];
Map<String, dynamic> decodedToken = JwtDecoder.decode(accessToken);
String webId = decodedToken['webid'];

Accessing Public Data Example #

import 'package:solid_auth/solid_auth.dart';

// Example WebID
String _myWebId = '';

// Get issuer URI
Future<String> profilePage = await fetchProfileData(_myWebId);

Generating DPoP Token Example #

import 'package:solid_auth/solid_auth.dart';

String endPointUrl; // The URL of the resource that is being requested
KeyPair rsaKeyPair; // Public/private key pair (RSA)
dynamic publicKeyJwk; // JSON web key of the public key
String httpMethod; // Http method to be used (eg: POST, PATCH)

// Generate DPoP token
String dPopToken = genDpopToken(endPointUrl, rsaKeyPair, publicKeyJwk, httpMethod);

Additional information #

The source code can be accessed via GitHub repository. You can also file issues you face at GitHub Issues.

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Authentication library to connect to a Solid server from

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