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Package for joining sockets together to create socket relays.

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Socket Connector #

Connect two TCP sockets and optionally display the traffic.

Features #

TCP Sockets come in two flavours - a server and a client; you have to be one or the other. If you want to join two clients or two servers this package includes all the tools you need to connect servers to servers and clients to clients. Why would you need this type of service? To create a rendezvous service that two clients can connect to for example or to join two servers with a shared client. Also included is a client to server, this acts as a simple TCP proxy and as with all the services you can optionally set the verbose flag in order to see more info about what is happening, and the logTraffic flag in order to see the readable (ascii) characters that are being transmitted and received.

Getting started #

dart pub add socket_connector

Usage #

The following code will open two server sockets and connect them and display any traffic that goes between the sockets. You can test this using ncat to connect to the two listening ports in two sessions. You will see what is typed in one window appear in the other plus see the data on at the dart program.

  // Once running use ncat to check the sockets
  SocketConnector socketConnector = await SocketConnector.serverToServer(
    addressA: InternetAddress.anyIPv4,
    addressB: InternetAddress.anyIPv4,
    portA: 9000,
    portB: 8000,
    verbose: true,
    logTraffic: true,
  print('Sender Port: ${socketConnector.sideAPort}'
      ' Receiver Port: ${socketConnector.sideBPort}');

ncat localhost 8000

ncat localhost 9000


Additional information #

Excerpted from the SocketConnector class's documentation:

/// Typical usage is via the [serverToServer], [serverToSocket],
/// [socketToSocket] and [socketToServer] methods which are different flavours
/// of the same functionality - to relay information from one socket to another.
/// - Upon creation, a [Timer] will be created for [timeout] duration. The
///   timer callback, when it executes, calls [close] if [connections]
//    is empty
/// - When an established connection is closed, [close] will be called if
///   [connections] is empty
/// - New [Connection]s are added to [connections] when both
///   [pendingA] and [pendingB] have at least one entry
/// - When [verbose] is true, log messages will be logged to [logger]
/// - When [logTraffic] is true, socket traffic will be logged to [logger]

TODO: Currently only SocketConnector.serverToServer handles more than one pair of sockets in a given session; code needs to be added to serverToSocket and socketToServer so that when a new connection is received to the serverSocket, then a new connection is opened to the address and port on the other side.

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Package for joining sockets together to create socket relays.

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