social_login 0.0.2

Flutter Android iOS

A social login plugin

social_login #

pub package

A Flutter plugin to authenticate to social networks

Usage #

To use this plugin, add social_login as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.

Example #

// Import package
import 'package:social_login/social_login.dart';

// Instantiate it
 final socialLogin = SocialLogin();

//Before calling any methods, set the configuration
      facebookAppId: FACEBOOK_APP_ID,
      googleWebClientId: GOOGLE_WEB_CLIENT_ID, /*In case a Google tokenId is needed*/
      twitterConsumer: TWITTER_CONSUMER_KEY,
      twitterSecret: TWITTER_CONSUMER_SECRET,

// Get current logged user
 final FacebookUser facebookUser = await socialLogin.getCurrentFacebookUser();
 final GoogleUser googleUser = await socialLogin.getCurrentGoogleUser();
 final TwitterUser twitterUser = await socialLogin.getCurrentTwitterUser();

//Log in social networks
 final FacebookUser facebookUser = await socialLogin.logInFacebookWithPermissions(FacebookPermissions.DEFAULT);
 final GoogleUser googleUser = await socialLogin.logInGoogle();
 final TwitterUser twitterUser = await socialLogin.logInTwitter();

//Log out from social networks
 await socialLogin.logOutFacebook();
 await socialLogin.logOutGoogle();
 await socialLogin.logOutTwitter();