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Access MediaQuery sizing info directly on the context, also adds some helper methods for sizing and layout.

âœĨ Sized Context - Easy responsive sizing #

With this extension package you can easily access the MediaQuery sizing info directly on the build context:

Size size = context.sizePx;

It also provides additional convenience methods like landscape state, diagonal screen size, inch-based measurements, screen type and percentage values:

bool isLandscape = context.isLandscape; //Instead of: MediaQuery.of(context).orientation == Orientation.landscape
bool isTablet = context.diagonalInches >= 7; //Get physical device size in inches 
bool useSingleColumn = context.widthPx < 400; //Access .width and .height directly, no need to go through .size
double sidePadding = context.widthPercent(0.1); //Use percentages of width or height for sizing

🔨 Installation #

  sized_context: ^1.0.0+1

⚙ Import #

import 'package:sized_context/sized_context.dart';

🕹ī¸ Usage #

bool isLandscape = context.isLandscape;
Size size = context.sizePx;
double width = context.widthPx;
double height = context.heightPx;
double diagonalPx = context.diagonalPx;
Size sizeInInches = context.sizeInches;
double widthInInches = context.widthInches;
double heightInInches = context.heightInches;
double diagonalInInches = context.diagonalInches;
double widthPercent = context.widthPct(.1);
double heightPercent = context.heightPct(.25);

For convenience you can also access the MediaQueryData object directly, to get any other methods or properties:

EdgeInsets padding =;
Size safeSize =;

🐞 Bugs/Requests #

If you encounter any problems please open an issue. If you feel the library is missing a feature, please raise a ticket on Github and we'll look into it. Pull request are welcome.

👏 Thanks #

  • Thanks to reddit user der_kobold for the idea to turn this into an extension!

📃 License #

MIT License

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Access MediaQuery sizing info directly on the context, also adds some helper methods for sizing and layout.



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