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A simple library for creating tooltips

simple_tooltip #

A plugin for creating tooltips with shape of a balloon

You can customize multiple elements

💻 Installation #

In the dependencies: section of your pubspec.yaml, add the following line:

  simple_tooltip: <latest version>

Usage #

Basic #

You can get started really simple, just add


        tooltipTap: () {
        print("Tooltip tap");
        animationDuration: Duration(seconds: 3),
        show: true,
        tooltipDirection: TooltipDirection.up,
        child: Container(
        width: 200,
        height: 120,
        child: Placeholder(),
        content: Text(
        "Some text example!!!!",
        style: TextStyle(
            fontSize: 18,
            decoration: TextDecoration.none,

Full Api #

/// The [child] which the tooltip will target to
  final Widget child;

  /// Sets the tooltip direction
  /// defaults to [TooltipDirection.up]
  final TooltipDirection tooltipDirection;

  /// Defines the content that its placed inside the tooltip ballon
  final Widget content;

  /// If true, it will display the tool , if false it will hide it
  final bool show;

  /// Sets the content padding
  /// defautls to: `const EdgeInsets.symmetric(horizontal: 20, vertical: 16),`
  final EdgeInsets ballonPadding;

  /// sets the duration of the tooltip entrance animation
  /// defaults to [460] milliseconds
  final Duration animationDuration;

  /// [top], [right], [bottom], [left] position the Tooltip absolute relative to the whole screen
  double top, right, bottom, left;

  /// [minWidth], [minHeight], [maxWidth], [maxHeight] optional size constraints.
  /// If a constraint is not set the size will ajust to the content
  double minWidth, minHeight, maxWidth, maxHeight;

  /// The distance of the tip of the arrow's tip to the center of the target
  final double arrowTipDistance;

  /// The length of the Arrow
  final double arrowLength;

  /// the stroke width of the border
  final double borderWidth;

  /// The minium padding from the Tooltip to the screen limits
  final double minimumOutSidePadding;

  /// The corder radii of the border
  final double borderRadius;

  /// The width of the arrow at its base
  final double arrowBaseWidth;

  /// The color of the border
  final Color borderColor;

  /// The color of the border
  final Color backgroundColor;

  /// Set a custom list of [BoxShadow]
  /// defaults to `const BoxShadow(color: const Color(0x45222222), blurRadius: 8, spreadRadius: 2),`
  final List<BoxShadow> customShadows;

  /// Set a handler for listening to a `tap` event on the tooltip (This is the recommended way to put your logic for dismissing the tooltip)
  final Function() tooltipTap;

  /// If you want to automatically dismiss the tooltip whenever a user taps on it, set this flag to [true]
  /// For more control on when to dismiss the tooltip please rely on the [show] property and [tooltipTap] handler
  /// defaults to [false]
  final bool hideOnTooltipTap;

  /// Pass a `RouteObserver` so that the widget will listen for route transition and will hide tooltip when
  /// the widget's route is not active
  final RouteObserver<PageRoute> routeObserver;

Screenshots #


This plugin was inspired by super_tooltip #

Getting Started #

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A simple library for creating tooltips



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