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Powerful package to create beautiful custom animations in no time.

🎬 Simple Animations #

Awesome Flutter Pub

Simple Animations is a powerful package to create beautiful custom animations in no time.

  • 💪 fully tested
  • 📝 well documented
  • 💼 enterprise-ready

🌞 Highlights #

  • Easily create custom animations in stateless widgets
  • Animate multiple properties at once
  • Create staggered animations within seconds
  • Simplified working with AnimationController instances
  • Debug animations

⛏️ Getting started #

Add Simple Animations to your project by following the instructions on the install page.

It contains multiple features. Each covers a different aspect of making animation very simple.

🍹 LiquidBeautiful visual animations that increases the visual quality of your app.
🚀 Stateless AnimationWidgets for super simple creation of custom animations.
🎭 Timeline TweenAnimate multiple properties at once or create staggered animations.
🎥 AnicotoSetup managed AnimationControllers instantly.
⏯ Animation Developer ToolsDebug animations or create them step by step.

🍹 Liquid #

Liquid provides ready-to-use, stunning visual animations that can be explored and configured with Liquid Studio.



Open Liquid Studio.

🚀 Stateless Animation #

Stateless Animation provides a powerful set of Flutter widgets that hide the most complex part of creating animations.

Example: Square with a animated background color. (Example uses supercharged for syntactic sugar.)

PlayAnimation<Color>( // <-- specify type of animated variable
  tween:, // <-- define tween
  builder: (context, child, value) { // <-- builder function
    return Container(
        color: value, // <-- use animated value
        width: 100, 
        height: 100,

Read more about it or watch examples.

🎭 Timeline Tween #

Timeline Tween (successor of MultiTween) is a mighty tool thats enables you to tween multiple properties or designing staggered animations in a single Animatable.

Example: Custom tween with multiple properties. (Example uses supercharged for syntactic sugar.)

enum AniProps { width, height, color } // <-- define properties

class MyWidget extends StatelessWidget {

  final _tween = TimelineTween<AniProps>() // <-- design tween
    ..addScene(begin: 0.milliseconds, duration: 500.milliseconds)
        .animate(AniProps.width, tween: 0.0.tweenTo(400.0))
        .animate(AniProps.height, tween: 500.0.tweenTo(200.0))
        .animate(AniProps.color, tween:
    ..addScene(begin: 700.milliseconds, end: 1200.milliseconds)
        .animate(AniProps.width, tween: 400.0.tweenTo(500.0));

  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return ... // <-- use tween

Read more about it or watch examples.

🎥 Anicoto #

Anicoto fully manages your AnimationController instances and handles initialization, configuration and disposing. No more boilerplate code.

Example: Animated stateful widget with full-fledged AnimationController instance. (Example uses supercharged for syntactic sugar.)

class _MyAnimatedWidgetState extends State<MyAnimatedWidget>
    with AnimationMixin {  // <-- add AnimationMixin to state class

  Animation<double> size; // <-- declare animation variable

  void initState() {
    size = 0.0.tweenTo(200.0).animatedBy(controller); // <-- connect tween and controller and apply to animation variable; // <-- start the animation playback

  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return Container(
      width: size.value, // <-- use animation variable's value here 
      height: size.value, // <-- use animation variable's value here

Read more about it or watch examples.

⏯ Animation Developer Tools #

Tired of watching the same animation over and over again, in order to fine tune it?


The Animation Developer Tools allows you pause anywhere, scroll around, speed up, slow down or focus on a certain interval of the animation.

Read more about it.

📈 Improve #

Simple Animations will improve in future updates. Help me by reporting bugs, submit new ideas for features or anything else that you want to share.

  • Just write an issue on GitHub. ✏️
  • And don't forget to hit the like button for this package ✌️
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Powerful package to create beautiful custom animations in no time.

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