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The ShareID SDKs are built in design to offer the best user experience.

Table of contents #

Overview #

This SDK provides a drop-in set of screens and tools for Android applications with Flutter to allow capturing of identity documents and face videos for the purpose of identity verification. The SDK offers a number of benefits to help you create the best onboarding/identity verification experience for your customers:

  • Carefully designed UI to guide your customers through the entire video-capturing process
  • Modular design to help you seamlessly integrate the video-capturing process into your application flow
  • Advanced image quality detection technology to ensure the quality of the captured images meets the requirement of the ShareId identity verification process, guaranteeing the best success rate
  • Direct video upload to the ShareId service, to simplify integration*

* Note: the SDK is only responsible for capturing and uploading videos. You still need to access the ShareID API to create and manage checks.

Getting started #

The Flutter SDK supports:

  • Dart 3.0.0 or higher
  • Flutter 3.0.0 or higher
  • Android API level 21+
  • Kotlin 1.8.0 or higher
  • IOS 15.0 or higher
  • Targeted Device Families = iPhone, iPad

1. Obtaining a Business Request Id #

In order to start integration, you will need the Business Request Id and Business Request Secret.

2. Creating an applicant #

You must create an SDK applicant before you start the flow.

You must create applicants on your server. For a document or face check, the minimum applicant details required are first_name and last_name:

3. Configuring Business Request Id and Business Request Token #

We now support one token mechanism:

Business Request Id,
Business Request Token,
Callback Url,

4. App permissions #


The SDK uses the device camera functionality. It is mandatory to include the following key NSCameraUsageDescription within your application's Info.plist file (see Apple documentation).

5. Set up the SDK in your application #

Once you have added the SDK as a dependency and have your credentials, you can configure the SDK :

final _shareid = ShareidAuthenticate();

_shareid.authenticate("accessToken", "applicantId","showLogInHelp").then((value) {
    setState(() {
      Map<String, dynamic> valueMap = json.decode(value!);
      result = ResultService.fromJson(valueMap);

For more informations : Example File

Parameter Notes
accessToken required
Your previously received access token
showLogInHelp required
For showing or hiding instructions screen
applicationId required
The identifier that ShareID provided after the user was integrated via the identity verification request

6.Handling Callback #

The result object passed to the callback function can include the following attributes:

  "code": "200",
  "message": "Access token created",
  "external_id": "Your external id",
  "uuid": "Your User Unique Identifier"
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The ShareID SDKs are built in design to offer the best user experience.



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MIT (license)


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