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Flutter plugin to work with external storage and privacy-friendly APIs.

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Shared Storage

Access Android Storage Access Framework, Media Store and Environment APIs through your Flutter Apps

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Documentation #

See the website for documentation.

All documentation is also available under /docs to each released version which is the data source of the website.

You can contribute to the documentation by just editing these files through the GitHub web editor!

To check all ways you can contribute to this package see Contributing/Ways to contribute.

Latest changes are available on master branch and the actual latest published package version lives under release branch.

All other branches are derivated from issues, new features or bug fixes.

Contributors #

  • clragon submitted a severe bug report and opened discussions around package architecture, thanks!
  • jfaltis fixed a memory leak and implemented an API to override existing files, thanks for you contribution!
  • EternityForest did fix a severe crash when the ID column was not provided and implemented a new feature to list all subfolders, thanks man!
  • Thanks dhaval-k-simformsolutions for taking time to submit bug reports related to duplicated file entries!
  • dangilbert pointed and fixed bug when the user doesn't select a folder, thanks man!
  • A huge thanks to aplicatii-romanesti for taking time to submit device specific issues and for supporting the project!
  • I would thanks ankitparmar007 for discussing and requesting create file related APIs!

Open Source

Copyright © 2021-present, Alex Rintt.

Shared Storage is MIT licensed 💖

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Flutter plugin to work with external storage and privacy-friendly APIs.

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