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Flutter plugin to work with external storage and privacy-friendly APIs.

0.5.0 #

This release contains:

  • Major breaking changes.
  • New API to edit existing files.
  • Example project improvements.
  • Bug fixes.

To see details, refer to rollup PR #100.

New #

  • Added writeToFile, writeToFileAsString and writeToFileAsBytes APIs to allow overwrite existing files by appending (FileMode.append) or truncating FileMode.write (@jfaltis).

Breaking changes #

  • listFiles it's now returns a Stream<DocumentFile> instead of Stream<PartialDocumentFile>.
  • DocumentFile.lastModified it's now returns a DateTime? instead of Future<DateTime?> (removed the asynchronous plugin call).
  • All DocumentFile class fields are now nullable except by DocumentFile.uri.
  • createFile doesn't requires content or bytes anymore, it's now possible to just create the file reference without defining the file data, it'll be a empty String by default.

Bug fixes #

  • DocumentFile.canRead it's now calling the right API (canRead) instead of the similar one (canWrite).
  • Fix infinite loading of getDocumentThumbnail API when thumbnail is not available.

Example project #

  • The example project is no longer dependant of permission_handler plugin to request storage permission since it's already fully integrated with Storage Access Framework.
  • File cards have now a expanded and collapsed state instead of showing all data at once.
  • Icon thumbnails were added to .apk image/*, video/*, text/plain and directories to make easier to see what is the type of the file while navigating between the folders.
  • 4 new buttons were added related to writeToFile API: Write to file (Overwrite file contents with a predefined string), Append to file (Append a predefined string to the end of the file), Ease file content (Self explanatory: erase it's data but do not delete the file) and Edit file content (Prompt the user with a text field to define the new file content), all buttons requires confirmation since it can cause data loss.
  • It's now possible to create a file with a custom name through the UI (Create a custom document action button on top center of the file list page).
  • File card now shows the decoded uris to fix the visual pollution.

0.4.2 #

Minimal hotfix:

  • Closes the OutputStream when creating a file #61, #86 (@jfaltis).

0.4.1 #

Minimal hotfix of the example project:

  • Fix build error of the example project. Reported at #70 and fixed by #72 (@jfaltis).

0.4.0 #

Fix the current behavior of listFiles and openDocumentFile API.

Improvements #

  • It's now possible to list contents of all subfolders of a granted Uri opened from openDocumentTree (@EternityForest).
  • Now ACTION_VIEW intent builder through openDocumentFile API was fixed. So it's now possible to open any file of any kind in third party apps without needing specify the mime type.

Breaking changes #

  • Removed Android specific APIs:
    • DocumentFile.listFiles (Now it's only available globally).
    • buildDocumentUriUsingTree removed due high coupling with Android API (Android specific API that are not useful on any other platforms).
    • buildDocumentUri removed due high coupling with Android API (Android specific API that are not useful on any other platforms).
    • buildTreeDocumentUri removed due high coupling with Android API (Android specific API that are not useful on any other platforms).
  • getDocumentThumbnail now receives only the uri param instead of a rootUri and a documentId.
  • rootUri field from QueryMetadata was removed due API ambiguity: there's no such concept in the Android API and this is not required by it to work well.

0.3.1 #

Minor improvements and bug fixes:

  • Crash when ommiting column on listFiles API. Thanks to @EternityForest.
  • Updated docs to info that now column is optional when calling listFiles.

0.3.0 #

Major release focused on support for Storage Access Framework.

Breaking changes #

  • minSdkVersion set to 19.
  • getMediaStoreContentDirectory return type changed to Uri.
  • Import package directive path is now modular. Which means you need to import the modules you are using:
    • import 'package:shared_storage/saf.dart' as saf; to enable Storage Access Framework API.
    • import 'package:shared_storage/environment.dart' as environment; to enable Environment API.
    • import 'package:shared_storage/media_store.dart' as mediastore; to enable Media Store API.
    • import 'package:shared_storage/shared_storage' as sharedstorage; if you want to import all above and as a single module (Not recommended because can conflict/override names/methods).

New #

See the label reference here.

  • Original listFiles. This API does the same thing as DocumentFile.listFiles but through Android queries and not calling directly the DocumentFile.listFiles API for performance reasons.

  • Internal DocumentFile from DocumentFile SAF class.

  • Internal QueryMetadata metadata of the queries used by listFiles API.

  • Internal PartialDocumentFile. Represents a partial document file returned by listFiles API.

  • openDocumentTree now accepts grantWritePermission and initialUri params which, respectively, sets whether or not grant write permission level and the initial uri location of the folder authorization picker.

  • Mirror DocumentFileColumn from DocumentsContract.Document.<Column> SAF class.

  • Mirror canRead from DocumentFile.canRead. Returns true if the caller can read the given uri.

  • Mirror canWrite from DocumentFile.canWrite. Returns true if the caller can write to the given uri.

  • Mirror getDocumentThumbnail from DocumentsContract.getDocumentThumbnail. Returns the image thumbnail of a given uri, if any (e.g documents that can show a preview, like image or pdf, otherwise null).

  • Mirror exists from DocumentsContract.exists. Returns true if a given uri exists.

  • Mirror buildDocumentUriUsingTree from DocumentsContract.buildDocumentUriUsingTree.

  • Mirror buildDocumentUri from DocumentsContract.buildDocumentUri.

  • Mirror buildTreeDocumentUri from DocumentsContract.buildTreeDocumentUri.

  • Mirror delete from DocumentFile.delete. Self explanatory.

  • Mirror createDirectory from DocumentFile.createDirectory. Creates a new child document file that represents a directory given the displayName (folder name).

  • Alias createFile. Alias for createFileAsBytes or createFileAsString depending which params are provided.

  • Mirror createFileAsBytes from DocumentFile.createFile. Given the parent uri, creates a new child document file that represents a single file given the displayName, mimeType and its content in bytes (file name, file type and file content in raw bytes, respectively).

  • Alias createFileAsString. Alias for createFileAsBytes(bytes: Uint8List.fromList('file content...'.codeUnits)).

  • Mirror documentLength from DocumentFile.length. Returns the length of the given file (uri) in bytes. Returns 0 if the file does not exist, or if the length is unknown.

  • Mirror lastModified from DocumentFile.lastModified. Returns the time when the given file (uri) was last modified, measured in milliseconds since January 1st, 1970, midnight. Returns 0 if the file does not exist, or if the modified time is unknown.

  • Mirror findFile from DocumentFile.findFile. Search through listFiles() for the first document matching the given display name, this method has a really poor performance for large data sets, prefer using child instead.

  • Mirror fromTreeUri from DocumentFile.fromTreeUri.

  • Mirror renameTo from DocumentFile.renameTo. Rename a document file given its uri to the given displayName.

  • Mirror parentFile from DocumentFile.parentFile. Get the parent document of the given document file from its uri.

  • Mirror copy from DocumentsContract.copyDocument. Copies the given document to the given destination.

  • Original getDocumentContent. Read a document file from its uri by opening a input stream and returning its bytes.

  • External child from Find the child file of a given parent uri and child name, null if doesn't exists (faster than findFile).

  • Original UNSTABLE openDocumentFile. Open a file uri in a external app, by starting a new activity with ACTION_VIEW Intent.

  • Original UNSTABLE getRealPathFromUri. Return the real path to work with native old File API instead Uris, be aware this approach is no longer supported on Android 10+ (API 29+) and though new, this API is marked as deprecated and should be migrated to a scoped-storage approach.

  • Alias getDocumentContentAsString. Alias for getDocumentContent. Convert all bytes returned by the original method into a String.

  • Internal DocumentBitmap class added. Commonly used as thumbnail image/bitmap of a DocumentFile.

  • Extension UriDocumentFileUtils on Uri (Accesible by uri.extensionMethod(...)).

    • Alias toDocumentFile. Alias for DocumentFile.fromTreeUri(this) which is an alias for fromTreeUri. method: convert this to the respective DocumentFile (if exists, otherwise null).
    • Alias openDocumentFile. Alias for openDocumentFile.
  • Mirror getDownloadCacheDirectory from Environment.getDataDirectory.

  • Mirror getStorageDirectory from Environment.getStorageDirectory.

Deprecation Notices #

  • getExternalStoragePublicDirectory was marked as deprecated and should be replaced with an equivalent API depending on your use-case, see how to migrate getExternalStoragePublicDirectory. This deprecation is originated from official Android documentation and not by the plugin itself.

0.2.0 #

Add basic support for Storage Access Framework and targetSdk 31.

  • The package now supports basic intents from Storage Access Framework.
  • Your App needs update the build.gradle by targeting the current sdk to 31.

0.1.1 #

Minor improvements on documentation.

  • Add example/ folder.
  • Add missing pubspec.yaml properties.

0.1.0 #

Initial release.

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Flutter plugin to work with external storage and privacy-friendly APIs.

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