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Flutter plugin to get Android shared folders like DCIM, Downloads, Video, Audio. Works with Android 4.1 (API Level 16+)

0.3.1 #

Minor improvements and bug fixes:

  • Crash when ommiting column on listFiles API. Thanks to @EternityForest.
  • Updated docs to info that now column is optional when calling listFiles.

0.3.0 #

Major release focused on support for Storage Access Framework.

Breaking Changes #

  • minSdkVersion set to 19.
  • getMediaStoreContentDirectory return type changed to Uri.
  • Import package directive path is now modular. Which means you need to import the modules you are using:
    • import 'package:shared_storage/saf.dart' as saf; to enable Storage Access Framework API.
    • import 'package:shared_storage/environment.dart' as environment; to enable Environment API.
    • import 'package:shared_storage/media_store.dart' as mediastore; to enable Media Store API.
    • import 'package:shared_storage/shared_storage' as sharedstorage; if you want to import all above and as a single module (Not recommended because can conflict/override names/methods).

New Features #

See the label reference here.

  • Original listFiles. This API does the same thing as DocumentFile.listFiles but through Android queries and not calling directly the DocumentFile.listFiles API for performance reasons.

  • Internal DocumentFile from DocumentFile SAF class.

  • Internal QueryMetadata metadata of the queries used by listFiles API.

  • Internal PartialDocumentFile. Represents a partial document file returned by listFiles API.

  • openDocumentTree now accepts grantWritePermission and initialUri params which, respectively, sets whether or not grant write permission level and the initial uri location of the folder authorization picker.

  • Mirror DocumentFileColumn from DocumentsContract.Document.<Column> SAF class.

  • Mirror canRead from DocumentFile.canRead. Returns true if the caller can read the given uri.

  • Mirror canWrite from DocumentFile.canWrite. Returns true if the caller can write to the given uri.

  • Mirror getDocumentThumbnail from DocumentsContract.getDocumentThumbnail. Returns the image thumbnail of a given uri, if any (e.g documents that can show a preview, like image or pdf, otherwise null).

  • Mirror exists from DocumentsContract.exists. Returns true if a given uri exists.

  • Mirror buildDocumentUriUsingTree from DocumentsContract.buildDocumentUriUsingTree.

  • Mirror buildDocumentUri from DocumentsContract.buildDocumentUri.

  • Mirror buildTreeDocumentUri from DocumentsContract.buildTreeDocumentUri.

  • Mirror delete from DocumentFile.delete. Self explanatory.

  • Mirror createDirectory from DocumentFile.createDirectory. Creates a new child document file that represents a directory given the displayName (folder name).

  • Alias createFile. Alias for createFileAsBytes or createFileAsString depending which params are provided.

  • Mirror createFileAsBytes from DocumentFile.createFile. Given the parent uri, creates a new child document file that represents a single file given the displayName, mimeType and its content in bytes (file name, file type and file content in raw bytes, respectively).

  • Alias createFileAsString. Alias for createFileAsBytes(bytes: Uint8List.fromList('file content...'.codeUnits)).

  • Mirror documentLength from DocumentFile.length. Returns the length of the given file (uri) in bytes. Returns 0 if the file does not exist, or if the length is unknown.

  • Mirror lastModified from DocumentFile.lastModified. Returns the time when the given file (uri) was last modified, measured in milliseconds since January 1st, 1970, midnight. Returns 0 if the file does not exist, or if the modified time is unknown.

  • Mirror findFile from DocumentFile.findFile. Search through listFiles() for the first document matching the given display name, this method has a really poor performance for large data sets, prefer using child instead.

  • Mirror fromTreeUri from DocumentFile.fromTreeUri.

  • Mirror renameTo from DocumentFile.renameTo. Rename a document file given its uri to the given displayName.

  • Mirror parentFile from DocumentFile.parentFile. Get the parent document of the given document file from its uri.

  • Mirror copy from DocumentsContract.copyDocument. Copies the given document to the given destination.

  • Original getDocumentContent. Read a document file from its uri by opening a input stream and returning its bytes.

  • External child from Find the child file of a given parent uri and child name, null if doesn't exists (faster than findFile).

  • Original UNSTABLE openDocumentFile. Open a file uri in a external app, by starting a new activity with ACTION_VIEW Intent.

  • Original UNSTABLE getRealPathFromUri. Return the real path to work with native old File API instead Uris, be aware this approach is no longer supported on Android 10+ (API 29+) and though new, this API is marked as deprecated and should be migrated to a scoped-storage approach.

  • Alias getDocumentContentAsString. Alias for getDocumentContent. Convert all bytes returned by the original method into a String.

  • Internal DocumentBitmap class added. Commonly used as thumbnail image/bitmap of a DocumentFile.

  • Extension UriDocumentFileUtils on Uri (Accesible by uri.extensionMethod(...)).

    • Alias toDocumentFile. Alias for DocumentFile.fromTreeUri(this) which is an alias for fromTreeUri. method: convert this to the respective DocumentFile (if exists, otherwise null).
    • Alias openDocumentFile. Alias for openDocumentFile.
  • Mirror getDownloadCacheDirectory from Environment.getDataDirectory.

  • Mirror getStorageDirectory from Environment.getStorageDirectory.

Deprecation Notices #

  • getExternalStoragePublicDirectory was marked as deprecated and should be replaced with an equivalent API depending on your use-case, see how to migrate getExternalStoragePublicDirectory. This deprecation is originated from official Android documentation and not by the plugin itself.

0.2.0 #

Add basic support for Storage Access Framework and targetSdk 31.

  • The package now supports basic intents from Storage Access Framework.
  • Your App needs update the build.gradle by targeting the current sdk to 31.

0.1.1 #

Minor improvements on documentation.

  • Add example/ folder.
  • Add missing pubspec.yaml properties.

0.1.0 #

Initial release.

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Flutter plugin to get Android shared folders like DCIM, Downloads, Video, Audio. Works with Android 4.1 (API Level 16+)

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