selene 0.3.2

Dart 2 incompatible

A Discord client for Dart

Selene #

Travis Pub

An unofficial Dart client for the Discord API.

  • Features:
    • REST and WebSocket APIs loosely coupled, so you can write your own implementation (or use the default)
    • Strongly-typed mapped entities with OOP navigational properties
  • Planned:
    • Sending and receiving voice
    • Automatic WebSocket connection recovering and restarting
    • Sharding support (and autosharding)

Usage #

You can browse the example folder for some basic examples. The developer bot instance, test/selene_test.dart, is a comprehensive test of the latest functionality.

Installation #

View the package listing for installation instructions.
You will need Dart SDK 2.0.0-dev.55.0 or above.

Documentation #

Documentation is generated with dartdoc, simply using the dartdoc command with no parameters.
Hosted documentation is available here.

Dependencies #

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