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XYO Flutter SDK #

The XYO Foundation provides this source code available in our efforts to advance the understanding of the XYO Procotol and its possible uses. We continue to maintain this software in the interest of developer education. Usage of this source code is not intended for production.

Table of Contents #

Description #

A robust Flutter solution for mobile, cross-platform integration. This SDK was written from ground-up, in Flutter, to give developers another tool in integrating XYO in their mobile solution.

Not only will this SDK make XYO apps better, but bring XYO functionality to existing apps. This SDK follows the updated paradigm of ble client/server thinking in bound witness operations.

Install #

Add this to your pubspec:

  sdk_xyo_flutter: ^0.2.3

Update your packages:

flutter pub get

If you are using VSCode, you will be prompted to update packages in the editor.

Usage #

Look at the example, for implementation of the SDK in a created state complete with widgets.

Bringing the node into your widgets can be as simple as

  XyoNode _xyoNode;

From there you can utilize the SDK Methods


Enums #


  • client
  • server


  • none
  • enabled
  • bluetoothDisabled
  • bluetoothUnavailable
  • locationDisabled
  • unknown

Methods #








Again, for implementation examples, see the example app here

We are working on a full getting started guide.

License #

See the LICENSE file for license details.

Credits #

Made with 🔥and ❄️ by XYO