rxdart 0.22.6
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RxDart is an implementation of the popular reactiveX api for asynchronous programming, leveraging the native Dart Streams api.

0.22.6 #

  • Bugfix: When listening multiple times to aBehaviorSubject that starts with an Error, it emits duplicate events.
  • Linter: public_member_api_docs is now used, we have added extra documentation where required.

0.22.5 #

  • Bugfix: DeferStream created Stream too early
  • Bugfix: TimerStream created Timer too early

0.22.4 #

  • Bugfix: switchMap controller no longer closes prematurely

0.22.3 #

  • Bugfix: whereType failing in Flutter production builds only

0.22.2 #

  • Bugfix: When using a seeded BehaviorSubject and adding an Error, upon listening, the BehaviorSubject emits null instead of the last Error.
  • Bugfix: calling cancel after a switchMap can cause a NoSuchMethodError.
  • Updated Flutter example to match the latest Flutter release
  • Observable.withLatestFrom is now expanded to accept 2 or more Streams thanks to Petrus Nguyễn Thái Học (@hoc081098)!
  • Deprecates ofType in favor of whereType, drop TypeToken.

0.22.1 #

Fixes following issues:

  • Erroneous behavior with scan and BehaviorSubject.
  • Bug where flatMap would cancel inner subscriptions in pause/resume.
  • Updates to make the current "pedantic" analyzer happy.

0.22.0 #

This version includes refactoring for the backpressure operators:

  • Breaking Change: debounce is now split into debounce and debounceTime.
  • Breaking Change: sample is now split into sample and sampleTime.
  • Breaking Change: throttle is now split into throttle and throttleTime.

0.21.0 #

  • Breaking Change: BehaviorSubject now has a separate factory constructor seeded() This allows you to seed this Subject with a null value.
  • Breaking Change: BehaviorSubject will now emit an Error, if the last event was also an Error. Before, when an Error occurred before a listen, the subscriber would not be notified of that Error. To refactor, simply change all occurences of BehaviorSubject(seedValue: value) to BehaviorSubject.seeded(value)
  • Added the groupBy operator
  • Bugix: doOnCancel: will now await the cancel result, if it is a Future.
  • Removed: bufferWithCount, windowWithCount, tween Please use bufferCount and windowCount, tween is removed, because it never was an official Rx spec.
  • Updated Flutter example to work with the latest Flutter stable.

0.20.0 #

  • Breaking Change: bufferCount had buggy behavior when using startBufferEvery (was skip previously) If you were relying on bufferCount with skip greater than 1 before, then you may have noticed erroneous behavior.
  • Breaking Change: repeat is no longer an operator which simply repeats the last emitted event n-times, instead this is now an Observable factory method which takes a StreamFactory and a count parameter. This will cause each repeat cycle to create a fresh Observable sequence.
  • mapTo is a new operator, which works just like map, but instead of taking a mapper Function, it takes a single value where each event is mapped to.
  • Bugfix: switchIfEmpty now correctly calls onDone
  • combineLatest and zip can now take any amount of Streams:
    • combineLatest2-9 & zip2-9 functionality unchanged, but now use a new path for construction.
    • adds combineLatest and zipLatest which allows you to pass through an Iterable<Stream
    • adds combineLatestList / zipList which allows you to take in an Iterable<Stream
    • Constructors are provided by the Stream implementation directly
  • Bugfix: Subjects that are transformed will now correctly return a new Observable where isBroadcast is true (was false before)
  • Remove deprecated operators which were replaced long ago: bufferWithCount, windowWithCount, amb, flatMapLatest

0.19.0 #

  • Breaking Change: Subjects onCancel function now returns void instead of Future to properly comply with the StreamController signature.
  • Bugfix: FlatMap operator properly calls onDone for all cases
  • Connectable Observable: An observable that can be listened to multiple times, and does not begin emitting values until the connect method is called
  • ValueObservable: A new interface that allows you to get the latest value emitted by an Observable.
    • Implemented by BehaviorSubject
    • Convert normal observables into ValueObservables via publishValue or shareValue
  • ReplayObservable: A new interface that allows you to get the values emitted by an Observable.
    • Implemented by ReplaySubject
    • Convert normal observables into ReplayObservables via publishReplay or shareReplay

0.18.1 #

  • Add retryWhen operator. Thanks to Razvan Lung (@long1eu)! This can be used for custom retry logic.

0.18.0 #

  • Breaking Change: remove retype method, deprecated as part of Dart 2.
  • Add flatMapIterable

0.17.0 #

  • Breaking Change: stream property on Observable is now private.
    • Avoids API confusion
    • Simplifies Subject implementation
    • Require folks who are overriding the stream property to use a super constructor instead
  • Adds proper onPause and onResume handling for amb/race, combineLatest, concat, concat_eager, merge and zip
  • Add switchLatest operator
  • Add errors and stacktraces to RetryError class
  • Add onErrorResume and onErrorRetryWith operators. These allow folks to return a specific stream or value depending on the error that occurred.

0.16.7 #

  • Fix new buffer and window implementation for Flutter + Dart 2
  • Subject now implements the Observable interface

0.16.6 #

  • Rework for buffer and window, allow to schedule using a sampler
  • added buffer
  • added bufferFuture
  • added bufferTest
  • added bufferTime
  • added bufferWhen
  • added window
  • added windowFuture
  • added windowTest
  • added windowTime
  • added windowWhen
  • added onCount sampler for buffer and window
  • added onFuture sampler for buffer and window
  • added onTest sampler for buffer and window
  • added onTime sampler for buffer and window
  • added onStream sampler for buffer and window

0.16.5 #

  • Renames amb to race
  • Renames flatMapLatest to switchMap
  • Renames bufferWithCount to bufferCount
  • Renames windowWithCount to windowCount

0.16.4 #

  • Adds bufferTime transformer.
  • Adds windowTime transformer.

0.16.3 #

  • Adds delay transformer.

0.16.2 #

  • Fix added events to sink are not processed correctly by Subjects.

0.16.1 #

  • Fix dematerialize method for Dart 2.

0.16.0+2 #

  • Add value to BehaviorSubject. Allows you to get the latest value emitted by the subject if it exists.
  • Add values to ReplayrSubject. Allows you to get the values stored by the subject if any exists.

0.16.0+1 #

  • Update Changelog

0.16.0 #

  • breaks backwards compatibility, this release only works with Dart SDK >=2.0.0.
  • Removed old cast in favour of the now native Stream cast method.
  • Override retype to return an Observable.

0.15.1 #

  • Add exhaustMap map to inner observable, ignore other values until that observable completes.
  • Improved code to be dartdevc compatible.
  • Add upper SDK version limit in pubspec

0.15.0 #

  • Change debounce to emit the last item of the source stream as soon as the source stream completes.
  • Ensure debounce does not keep open any addition async timers after it has been cancelled.

0.14.0+1 #

  • Change DoStreamTransformer to return a Future on cancel for api compatibility.

0.14.0 #

  • Add PublishSubject (thanks to @pauldemarco)
  • Fix bug with doOnX operators where callbacks were fired too often

0.13.1 #

  • Fix error with FlatMapLatest where it was not properly cancelled in some scenarios
  • Remove additional async methods on Stream handlers unless they're shown to solve a problem

0.13.0 #

  • Remove call operator / StreamTransformer entirely
  • Important bug fix: Errors thrown within any Stream or Operator will now be properly sent to the StreamSubscription.
  • Improve overall handling of errors throughout the library to ensure they're handled correctly

0.12.0 #

  • Added doOn* operators in place of call.
  • Added DoStreamTransformer as a replacement for CallStreamTransformer
  • Deprecated call and CallStreamTransformer. Please use the appropriate doOnX operator / transformer.
  • Added distinctUnique. Emits items if they've never been emitted before. Same as to Rx#distinct.

0.11.0 #

  • !!!Breaking Api Change!!!
    • Observable.groupBy has been removed in order to be compatible with the next version of the Stream class in Dart 1.24.0, which includes this method

0.10.2 #

  • BugFix: The new Subject implementation no longer causes infinite loops when used with ng2 async pipes.

0.10.1 #

  • Documentation fixes

0.10.0 #

  • Api Changes
    • Observable
      • Remove all deprecated methods, including:
        • observable factory -- replaced by the constructor new Observable()
        • combineLatest -- replaced by Strong-Mode versions combineLatest2 - combineLatest9
        • zip -- replaced by Strong-Mode versions zip2 - zip9
      • Support asObservable conversion from Future-returning methods. e.g. new Observable.fromIterable([1, 2]).first.asObservable()
      • Max and Min now return a Future of the Max or Min value, rather than a stream of increasing or decreasing values.
      • Add cast operator
      • Remove ConcatMapStreamTransformer -- functionality is already supported by asyncExpand. Keep the concatMap method as an alias.
    • Subjects
      • BehaviourSubject has been renamed to BehaviorSubject
      • The subjects have been rewritten and include far more testing
      • In keeping with the Rx idea of Subjects, they are broadcast-only
  • Documentation -- extensive documentation has been added to the library with explanations and examples for each Future, Stream & Transformer.
    • Docs detailing the differences between RxDart and raw Observables.

0.9.0 #

  • Api Changes:
    • Convert all StreamTransformer factories to proper classes
      • Ensure these classes can be re-used multiple times
    • Retry has moved from an operator to a constructor. This is to ensure the stream can be properly re-constructed every time in the correct way.
    • Streams now properly enforce the single-subscription contract
  • Include example Flutter app. To run it, please follow the instructions in the README.

0.8.3+1 #

  • rename examples map to example

0.8.3 #

  • added concatWith, zipWith, mergeWith, skipUntil
  • cleanup of the examples folder
  • cleanup of examples code
  • added fibonacci example
  • added search GitHub example

0.8.2+1 #

  • moved repo into ReactiveX
  • update readme badges accordingly

0.8.2 #

  • added materialize/dematerialize
  • added range (factory)
  • added timer (factory)
  • added timestamp
  • added concatMap

0.8.1 #

  • added never constructor
  • added error constructor
  • moved code coverage to codecov.io

0.8.0 #

  • BREAKING: tap is replaced by call(onData)
  • added call, which can take any combination of the following event methods: onCancel, onData, onDone, onError, onListen, onPause, onResume

0.7.1+1 #

  • improved the README file

0.7.1 #

  • added ignoreElements
  • added onErrorResumeNext
  • added onErrorReturn
  • added switchIfEmpty
  • added empty factory constructor

0.7.0 #

  • BREAKING: rename combineXXXLatest and zipXXX to a numbered equivalent, for example: combineThreeLatest becomes combineLatest3
  • internal refactoring, expose streams/stream transformers as a separate library

0.6.3+4 #

  • changed ofType to use TypeToken

0.6.3+3 #

  • added ofType

0.6.3+2 #

  • added defaultIfEmpty

0.6.3+1 #

  • changed concat, old concat is now concatEager, new concat behaves as expected

0.6.3 #

  • Added withLatestFrom
  • Added defer ctr (both thanks to brianegan)

0.6.2 #

  • Added just (thanks to brianegan)
  • Added groupBy
  • Added amb

0.6.1 #

  • Added concat

0.6.0 #

  • BREAKING: startWith now takes just one parameter instead of an Iterable. To add multiple starting events, please use startWithMany.
  • Added BehaviourSubject and ReplaySubject. These implement StreamController.
  • BehaviourSubject will notify the last added event upon listening.
  • ReplaySubject will notify all past events upon listening.
  • DEPRECATED: zip and combineLatest, use their strong-type-friendly alternatives instead (available as static methods on the Observable class, i.e. Observable.combineThreeLatest, Observable.zipFour, ...)

0.5.1 #

  • Added documentation (thanks to dustinlessard-wf)
  • Fix tests breaking due to deprecation of expectAsync
  • Fix tests to satisfy strong mode requirements

0.5.0 #

  • As of this version, rxdart depends on SDK v1.21.0, to support the newly added generic method type syntax
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RxDart is an implementation of the popular reactiveX api for asynchronous programming, leveraging the native Dart Streams api.

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