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Flutter Device Mode Support for App Center Destination

What is RudderStack? #

RudderStack is a customer data pipeline tool for collecting, routing and processing data from your websites, apps, cloud tools, and data warehouse.

With RudderStack, you can build customer data pipelines that connect your whole customer data stack and then make them smarter by triggering enrichment and activation in customer tools based on analysis in your data warehouse. Its easy-to-use SDKs and event source integrations, Cloud Extract integrations, transformations, and expansive library of destination and warehouse integrations makes building customer data pipelines for both event streaming and cloud-to-warehouse ELT simple.

Questions? Please join our Slack channel or read about us on Product Hunt.

Integrating AppCenter with the RudderStack Flutter SDK #

  1. Add Appcenter as a destination in the RudderStack dashboard.

  2. Open pubspec.yaml and add rudder_integration_appcenter_flutter under dependencies section:

  rudder_integration_appcenter_flutter: ^1.1.0
  1. Navigate to your Application's root folder and install all the required dependencies with:
flutter pub get
  1. Import the module you added above and add it to your SDK initialization code as shown below:
import 'package:rudder_sdk_flutter/RudderController.dart';
import 'package:rudder_sdk_flutter_platform_interface/platform.dart';
import 'package:rudder_integration_appcenter_flutter/rudder_integration_appcenter_flutter.dart';

RudderConfigBuilder builder = RudderConfigBuilder();
final RudderController rudderClient = RudderController.instance;
    config:, options:null);

{% hint style="info" %} Make sure the minSdkVersion of your build.gradle in the root of android directory is atleast 21 {% endhint %}

Sending Events #

Follow the steps from our RudderStack Flutter SDK repo.

Contact Us #

If you come across any issues while configuring or using this integration, please feel free to start a conversation on our Slack channel. We will be happy to help you.