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An RSS (Atom) generator

rss_generator #


A pure Dart plugin to generate an RSS file (Atom 2 format).

Validated by the official Feed Validation Service:

To parse an RSS, please have a look at existing solutions on

Mandatory fields #

In an Atom/RSS fields, here are all the mandatory fields:

  • Channel name
  • Channel description
  • Channel link (= link to a website)
  • Atom link (= link to the RSS)
  • For each item:
    • A title
    • A description
    • A link

Installation #

  1. Add res_generator: ^1.0.0 to your pubspec.yaml file.
  2. Import import 'package:rss_generator/rss_generator.dart';
  3. Create a RssBuilder by proving the multiple mandatory fields:
RssBuilder builder = RssBuilder(
    channelName: 'My WebSite',
    channelDescription: 'My super website',
    channelLink: '',
    channelAtomLink: '',
  .copyright('Copyright 2022')
      title: 'Article 1',
      description: 'Article 1 description',
      link: '',
  1. You will then receive an XmlDocument and just have to call:
XmlDocument doc =;

// ⬇️ Your document