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rpi_gpio is a Dart library for accessing the Raspberry Pi GPIO pins.

rpi_gpio.dart #

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rpi_gpio is a Dart package for accessing the Raspberry Pi GPIO pins.

Overview #

  • The Gpio library provides the API for accessing the various General Purpose I/O pins on the Raspberry Pi.

  • RpiGpio provides the implementation for the Gpio API derived from the WiringPi library.

Setup #

RpiGpio accesses the GPIO pins using a native library written in C. For security reasons, authors cannot publish binary content to pub.dartlang.org, so there are some extra steps necessary to compile the native library on the RPi before this package can be used. These two steps must be performed when you install and each time you upgrade the rpi_gpio package.

  1. Activate the rpi_gpio package using the pub global command.
    pub global activate rpi_gpio
  1. From your application directory (the application that references the rpi_gpio package) run the following command to build the native library
    pub global run rpi_gpio:build_lib

pub global activate makes the Dart scripts in the rpi_gpio/bin directory runnable from the command line. pub global run rpi_gpio:build_lib runs the rpi_gpio/bin/build_lib.dart program which in turn calls the build_lib script to compile the native librpi_gpio_ext.so library for the rpi_gpio package.

Examples #

  • A blinking LED example demonstrates GPIO output by flashing an LED.

  • A read example demonstrates GPIO input by reading the current value for multiple pins.

  • A second read example demonstrates mocking the hardware so that the logic can be run and tested on platforms other than the Raspberry Pi.

  • A button example demonstrates reacting to GPIO input by turning on an LED whenever a button is pressed.

pub points

rpi_gpio is a Dart library for accessing the Raspberry Pi GPIO pins.

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