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Declaratively switch child widgets based on the current `Router` location.

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Features #

Declaratively switch child widgets based on the current Router location.

class SideBar extends StatelessWidget {
    Widget build(_){
     return RoutedWidgetSwitcher(
        builders: [
            PathBuilder('/', builder: (_) => const MainMenu()),
            PathBuilder('/dashboard', builder: (_) => const DashboardMenu()),
            PathBuilder('/settings', builder: (_) => const SettingsMenu()),

Intended as a complimentary package for any Router (aka Nav2) implementation. Including popular routing solutions like GoRouter, RouteMaster or VRouter.

This is useful in 2 primary use cases:

  • when you have scaffolding around your Navigator, like a SideBar or a TitleBar and you would like it to react to location changes
  • when multiple paths resolve to the same Page and you want to move subsequent routing further down the tree

Note: This package does not provide any control of the routers location, it simply reads the current location and responds accordingly.

🔨 Installation #

  routed_widget_switcher: ^1.0.4

🕹ī¸ Usage #

Place the widget anywhere below the root Router widget and define the paths you would like to match. By default paths are considered to be case-insensitive, and treated as prefixes, but this can be disabled:

return RoutedWidgetSwitcher(
  caseSensitive: true,
  builders: [
    // require an exact match if prefix=false
    PathBuilder('/', prefix: false, builder: (_) => const MainMenu()),
     // allow anything prefixed with `/dashboard`
    PathBuilder('/dashboard', builder: (_) => const DashboardMenu()),

Path matching #

Paths can be defined as simple strings like /user/new or user/:userId, or use regular expression syntax like r'/user/:id(\d+). See pathToRegExp library for more details on advanced use cases:

In addition to the matching performed by pathToRegExp, a wildcard * character can be used to match any location.

Most specific match #

RoutedWidgetSwitcher will attempt to use the most specific match. For example,the location of /users/new matches all three of these builders:

PathBuilder('/users/:userId', builder: (_) => const TeamDetails()),
PathBuilder('/users/new', builder: (_) => const NewTeamForm()),
PathBuilder('*', builder: (_) => const PathNotFound()),

Since /users/new is the more exact match, it will be the one to render, it does not matter which order you declare them in. /users/:userId would go next, with the wildcard '*' finally matching last.

Getting current location #

This package includes a RouterUtils.getLocation(context) method which will return the current router location if you would like to read it for some reason.

Transitions #

Internally Flutters AnimatedSwitcher widget is used for transitions, so that full API is exposed for different transition effects.

return RoutedWidgetSwitcher(
  transitionBuilder: ...
  duration: ...,
  builders: [],

🐞 Bugs/Requests #

If you encounter any problems please open an issue. If you feel the library is missing a feature, please raise a ticket on Github and we'll look into it. Pull request are welcome.

📃 License #

MIT License

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Declaratively switch child widgets based on the current `Router` location.

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