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A simple Expansiontile for Flutter applications with borderradius.

Rounded Expansiontile #

A simple combination of widgets to provide an Expansiontile with rounded corners. This widget uses default Flutter widgets only and is available for each platform.

Getting Started #

This Widget returns a column with a ListTile and a ListView. It has all properties of the ListTile width a few custom inputfield. Simply load the widget in your pubspec yaml and start using it.

Inputfields #

Default ListTile inputfields #

  • autofocus
  • contentPadding
  • dense
  • enabled
  • enableFeedback
  • focusColor
  • focusNode
  • horizontalTitleGap
  • hoverColor
  • isThreeLine
  • key
  • leading
  • minLeadingWidth
  • minVerticalPadding
  • mouseCursor
  • onLongPress
  • selected
  • selectedTileColor
  • shape
  • subtitle
  • title
  • tileColor
  • trailing
  • visualDensity
  • onTap

Extra inputfields and tips #

  • shape Shape()

    The shape will be used for the shape of the ListTile, not for the children. This is visible when pressed and will be shown in the ink splash.

    Use the RoundedExpansionTile in a Card-widget with the same shape for the best result.

        shape: RoundedRectangleBorder(borderRadius: BorderRadius.circular(16)),
        child: RoundedExpansionTile(
            shape: RoundedRectangleBorder(borderRadius: BorderRadius.circular(16)),
            title: Text('Some title'),
            children: [
  • duration Duration()

    This will be used to show the expansion animation. It is used for the Expansion it self and the rotation / animation of the Icon. By default the duration is 500 milliseconds.

  • children List<Widget>[]

    The children that will be displayd when the ListTile is expanded.

  • childrenPadding EdgeInsets()

    The padding around the children. This is not the same as the contentpadding.

  • curve Curve()

    The curve used for the children animation. By default it uses Curves.fastLinearToSlowEaseIn

  • trailing Widget()

    When provided this will override the default hamburger menu icon (AnimatedIcon). This icon will rotate by default but can be set to false see rotateTrailing.

  • rotateTrailing bool

    Rotate the custom trailing icon when provided. By default this is true. When set to false the icon stays the same. Provide the trailing with an arrow down to make the widget look like the default ExpansionTile.

  • noTrailing bool

    When set to true there will be no trailing at all. Even when provided custom trailing this bool will prevent it from being shown.

Example #

Screenshot of example app

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A simple Expansiontile for Flutter applications with borderradius.

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