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Use `flutter_riverpod` `ref.*` methods inside a navigator 2.0 router delegate.

riverpod_consumer_router_delegate #

Features #

This package enables you to use the flutter_riverpod package with the flutter navigator 2.0 API.

Inside your custom router delegate class, you may use ref.watch(), ref.read(), ref.listen() and ref.refresh() methods just like in widgets.

Usage #

  1. Extend your RouterDelegate with ConsumerRouterDelegate:
class MyRouterDelegate extends ConsumerRouterDelegate<MyRouteConfig>
    with PopNavigatorRouterDelegateMixin<MyRouteConfig>, ChangeNotifier {
  // make sure you pass the `ref` to the `super` constructor
  MyRouterDelegate(Ref ref) : super(ref);
  // ...
  1. Implement the onDependenciesUpdate() method, since my router delegate is a ChangeNotifier, so the notifyListeners() method is available:
void onDependenciesUpdate() {
  1. Inside your custom router delegate class, do not override the build method, write a builder method instead:
Widget builder(BuildContext context) {
  // ..

You can use ref.* methods inside your delegate. Note that the ref is not the same one you passed to the super constructor.

  1. Add a ChangeNotifierProvider for your delegate:
final routerDelegateProvider =
    ChangeNotifierProvider((ref) => MyRouterDelegate(ref));
  1. Wrap a ProviderScope around your MaterialApp widget, pass the instance of your router delegate to the MaterialApp.router constructor:
void main() {
    const ProviderScope(child: MyApp()),

class MyApp extends ConsumerWidget {
  const MyApp({Key? key}) : super(key: key);

  Widget build(BuildContext context, WidgetRef ref) {
    return MaterialApp.router(
      routerDelegate: ref.watch(routerDelegateProvider),
      // ...

For the full example, please check the /example folder.

Motivation #

The declarative approach of the flutter navigator 2.0 API is cool, but it doesn't work with riverpod directly.

As discussed in this issue, there are some problems when using riverpod's methods (e.g. ref.watch()) inside the build method of the router delegate directly.

The community suggests adding listeners of all the dependent providers in the constructor of the router delegate. In my opinion, it's a bad idea since it's ugly and error-prone.

Therefore I created this package. Just extend your router delegate with my class, supply the ref to the super constructor, and write a builder method instead of the build method. It does the magic behind the scene, so that you may use the ref.* methods just like you did in the widgets, without any worries.

Additional Information #

Issues and pull requests are welcome.

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Use `flutter_riverpod` `ref.*` methods inside a navigator 2.0 router delegate.

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