redurx_persist_flutter 0.9.0


ReduRx Persist Flutter Integration with custom storage engines

redurx_persist_flutter pub package #

Flutter Storage Engine for redurx_persist.

Can either save to shared_preferences (default, recommended), or your application document directory.

Usage #

final persistor = Persistor<State>(
  // ...
  storage: FlutterStorage(),

It is recommended to load initial state before calling runApp to let Flutter show the slash screen until we are ready to render.

Locations #

By default, it saves to FlutterSaveLocation.documentFile (application document directory, recommended).

You can also save to your shared preferences by using FlutterSaveLocation.sharedPreferences:

// Use shared preferences
FlutterStorage(location: FlutterSaveLocation.sharedPreferences);
// Use document file
FlutterStorage(location: FlutterSaveLocation.documentFile);

Key #

You can pass a key argument to FlutterStorage to provide a key for the file name (document file) or the shared preference key.

Features and bugs #

Please file feature requests and bugs at the issue tracker.