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This is a model-driven approach to handling form inputs and validations, heavily inspired in Angular Reactive Forms.

16.1.0 #

Features #

  • Add markAsPending() method to AbstractControl to allow set the status to PENDING by demand.

16.0.4 #

Fixes #

  • Add missing properties to ReactiveSwitchListTile.adaptative() widget.
  • Add showError() to ReactiveCheckbox and ReactiveCheckboxListTile widgets. This does not display any error messages but it is now compatible with the Flutter builtin behavior of Checkboxes when Material 3 is enabled (ThemeData(useMaterial3: true)) in the active App Theme.

Enhances #

  • Update file with testing examples in the section ReactiveForm vs ReactiveFormBuilder which one?

16.0.3 #

Fixes #

  • Fix an issue with FormGroup and FormArray were recursive Raw Value was not working properly.

16.0.2 #

Fixes #

  • Fix an issue with FormBuilder when trying to build a control with a nullable '?' data type.
  • Fix an issue with FormGroup that was not triggering the event collectionChanges when a control is removed.
  • Fix an issue with FormGroup and FormArray when trying to find a control with a nullable '?' data type.

16.0.1 #

Fixes #

  • Update the intl dependency version, because in flutter 3.10, flutter_localizations depends on intl 0.18.0.

16.0.0 #

Breaking Changes #

  • Flutter >= 3.10 required for this version.

Fixes #

  • Updated some documentation.
  • Expose validator classes to allow direct instantiation.

15.0.0 #

Breaking Changes #

  • All validators have been changed to classes with const constructors.
  • The Asynchronous Validator is now a class from where any custom async validator can inherit.

Features #

  • A new validator Validators.delegate(...) has been introduced to be used with a custom validation function.
  • A new validator Validators.delegateAsync(...) has been introduced to be used with a custom async validation functions.

14.3.0 #

  • Fix the inkwell ripple effect in the ReactiveDropdownField.
  • Add some other minor fixes.

14.2.0 #

  • Update intl to latest version 0.18.0.

14.1.0 #

Enhances #

  • Create new widget ReactiveFocusableFormField as a parent widget for all other widgets that requires to do focus management.

14.0.0 #

Breaking Changes #

  • The definition of validation messages is now more consistent.
  • Methods like onTab in ReactiveTextField and onChanged in ReactiveDropdownField now provides the control as argument of the callback.

Enhances #

  • Add events like onChanged, onEditingComplete to reactive widgets.

Features #

  • Add widget ReactiveFormConfig to globally define validation messages at Flutter application level. This reliefs the need to define validation messages in each reactive widget.

13.0.1 #

Enhances #

  • Upgrade example folder project to Flutter 3.0.0.
  • Increase code coverage in FormArray.

13.0.0 #

Breaking Changes #

  • Reactive Forms is now migrated to Flutter 3.0.0.

12.0.0 #

Fix #

  • Update project to new Android wrappers in order to be able to run the example using latest Android SDK changes.

11.1.0 #

Enhances #

  • Add Focus handling for several reactive widgets:
    • ReactiveSlider
    • ReactiveSwitch
    • ReactiveRadio
    • ReactiveRadioListTile
    • ReactiveCheckbox
    • ReactiveCheckboxListTile

11.0.2 #

Fix #

  • Small fix in the array_sample example application.

11.0.1 #

Fix #

  • Fix issues in ReactiveDatePicker when control value was before or after the range of firstDate and lastDate

Enhances #

  • Add optional argument initialDate to the ReactiveDatePicker.

11.0.0 #

Breaking Changes #

  • Reactive Forms is now migrated to Flutter 2.8.0.

Enhances #

  • Update reactive widgets with extra properties presents in Flutter 2.8.0.

10.7.0 #

Features #

  • Expose TextEditingController as a property of the ReactiveTextField for text selection purposes only.

10.6.8 #

Fix #

  • Fix Async Validators that overrides validations errors from Sync Validators

10.6.7 #

Enhances #

  • Improve Complex example in the demo application

10.6.6 #

Enhances #

  • Improve the Array example in the demo application
  • Better exception handler when creating FormGroups with controls that contains character '.' in the name of the control.

10.6.5 #

Enhances #

  • Add an example of deleting item from a FormArray in the example folder project.
  • Make public the previously private class InheritedStreamer

10.6.4 #

Fix #

  • Minor documentation fix.

10.6.3 #

Enhances #

  • Add documentation of new advanced reactive widgets.

Fix #

  • Minor documentation fix.

10.6.2 #

Enhances #

  • Converted ReactiveForm widget from Stateful to Stateless widget.

10.6.1 #

Enhances #

  • Update the lint code analysis to use the las package lints.
  • Minor internal code checks and improvements.

10.6.0 #

Enhances #

  • Added optional argument to Validators.mustMatch that allows to define if we want to mark the matchingControlName control as DIRTY when the control is invalid. See related issue.
  • Minor changes in model classes that allows to create custom AbstractControl implementations

10.5.0 #

Enhances #

  • Added missing props pass through for widgets.

10.4.1 #

Enhances #

  • Add minor internal changes for handling focus node in reactive text fields.

10.4.0 #

Fix #

  • Add Flutter sdk version restriction in pubspec.yaml file.
  • Fix in release mode that has different behavior from debug mode.

10.3.0 #

Features #

  • Add method in FormGroup that allows to remove a control by its name.

Enhances #

  • Add missing extra properties to ReactiveRadioListTile and ReactiveRadio widgets.
  • Add a SliderIntValueAccessor that allows ReactiveSlider to bind to controls of type int.

10.2.0 #

Fix #

  • Fix error when defining a ReactiveTextField with dynamic type and bound the widget with controls other than String.

Enhances #

  • Add the optionally extra argument autoValidate to the method AbstractControl.setValidators to recalculate the validaity of the control after set the new validators without explicitly call updateValueAndValidity on that control.

10.1.0 #

Features #

  • Add/Clear validators dynamically

Fix #

  • Fix error when defining a ReactiveTextField without specifying a model data type

Enhances #

  • Change the data type of ValidatorFunction to returns Map<String, dynamic> instead of Map<String, Object>

10.0.4 #

Fix #

  • Fix exception when focus a control that does not exist in a group

Enhances #

  • Better type definition in a control value accessor within a ReactiveFormField

10.0.3 #

Fix #

  • Set ReactiveTextField maxLines as optional nullable argument.

10.0.2 #

Enhances #

  • Add minor changes in Validators.min and Validators.max for handlig type checks
  • Add minor changes in ReactiveValueListenableBuilder for handlig type checks

10.0.1 #

Fix #

  • Fix the error when defining a ReactiveFormField

10.0.0 #

Breaking changes #

  • Reactive Forms is now migrated to Flutter 2.x.
  • Reactive Forms is now Null-safety.
  • New Definitions in Custom Reactive Widgets. ReactiveFormField now defines the data type of the model (control) and the data type of the view (widget).
  • Validators.requiredTrue now has the 'requiredTrue' validation message and not 'requiredEquals' as in previous versions.

Features #

  • Now you can specify a different validation message to the Validators.pattern validator.

9.1.0 #

Enhances #

  • Add latest version of intl package

9.0.2 #

Fix #

  • Remove Validators String type to fix casts errors when calling form.control('').validators in a control with a non dynamic type validator.

9.0.1 #

Fix #

  • Add minor changes to successfully pass pub dev static analysis.
  • Add Library documentation.

9.0.0 #

Breaking changes #

  • An enhanced strongly typed system to improve casting at compilation time and improve casting exception handler in runtime. This version was created to be compatible with analysis options in "implicit-casts: false" and "implicit-dynamic: false".

8.0.3 #

Fix #

  • Code formatting issues

8.0.2 #

Fix #

  • Validators.pattern now validates against a RegExp instance.

8.0.1 #

Fix #

  • If a control is disabled, then it doesn't fire state change again when call markAsDisabled.

8.0.0 #

Breaking changes #

  • Upgrade Reactive Forms to Flutter 1.20

Features #

  • Add intl package and and optional argument to DateTimeValueAccessor to specify the format of the date.
  • Add some extra properties to reactive forms widgets.

7.6.3 #

Fix #

  • Set cursor at the end of the text when set value to reactive text field from the FormControl.

7.6.2 #

Fix #

  • Exposes ReactiveSwitchListTile.

7.6.1 #

Fix #

  • Fix code formatting to pass pub static analysis.

7.6.0 #

Features #

  • Expose focus controller of the FormControl. Now is possible to access UI FocusNode with in a control through control.focusController.focusNode.

7.5.0 #

Features #

  • Add argument focusNode to ReactiveTextField to provide a custom FocusNode.

Enhances #

  • Add some improvement to TimeOfDayValueAccessor.
  • Add some improvement to example application.

7.4.0 #

Enhances #

  • A disabled ReactiveDropdownField now tale into account the selectedItemBuilder method to show the disabledHint.
  • More complete example app project inside Reactive Forms.

7.3.0 #

Features #

  • Add FormGroup.rawValue and FormArray.rawValue to get the value of groups and array including any disabled controls.

7.2.1 #

Fixes #

  • Fix exception when call FormGroup.addAll in a sub-group with parent.

7.2.0 #

Features #

  • Add method patchValue to FormControl, FormGroup and FormArray to update partially the control value.

7.1.0 #

Features #

  • Add Validators.any that requires any element of the control's iterable value satisfies a test function.

Fix #

  • Update value accessors in reactive widgets when widget didUpdateWidget.

7.0.12 #

Enhances #

  • Add readOnly argument as not nullable in ReactiveDropdownField.

7.0.11 #

Enhances #

  • Add readOnly argument in ReactiveDropdownField constructor to enable/disable widget.

Documentation #

  • Add documentation about customizing when to show errors in reactive widgets.

7.0.10 #

Fixes #

  • Dispose FocusNode after FocusNodeController is disposed.

7.0.9 #

Documentation #

  • Improves code documentation for control, group and array constructors.

7.0.8 #

Features #

  • Add async validators to FormGroup and FormArray.
  • Add disabled optional argument to FormArrayConstructor.

7.0.7 #

Fixes #

  • Fix now AbstractControl.removeError doesn't marks the control as dirty by default.

7.0.6 #

Fixes #

  • Fix in DateTime controls type.

7.0.5 #

Features #

  • Initialize a FormGroup as disabled is now possible with optional constructor argument.

7.0.4 #

Fixes #

  • Fix Validators.maxLength and Validators.minLength when control value is null.

7.0.3 #

Features #

  • Add new control value accessor Iso8601DateTimeValueAccessor that brings the possibility to bind a ReactiveDateTimePicker widget to a control of type String.

7.0.2 #

Fixes #

  • Fix when the execution of asynchronous validators completes the control is not marked as dirty.

7.0.1 #

Features #

  • Add new AbstractControl validator Validators.contains.

Fixes #

  • Fix Validators.minLength and Validators.maxLength with FormControls of type dynamic when a value is a String.

7.0.0 #

Breaking changes #

  • Change ReactiveFormField.validationMessages from a Map to a Function that receives the instance of the control and returns the Map with the customized validation messages. This upgrade now brings the possibility to dynamically change the validation messages based on the current error data.
  • Change response error Map. Now returns the current control value instead of true.

Features #

  • Add AbstractControl.hasError(...) for asking if a control has an error based on error code and children path.
  • Add AbstractControl.getError(...) to get error data based on error code and children path.

6.0.5 #

Fix #

  • Fix error when trying to get a deep control within an array of groups.
  • Fix minor issues
  • Fix some typos.
  • Fix ReactiveDatePicker error when lastDate is previous to and control value is null.

Enhanced #

  • FormArray.removeAt now returns the removed control.
  • Improve code documentation.
  • Add more tests.
  • Add more strict data types in arguments.
  • Add extra arguments to AbstractControl.setErrors and AbstractControl.removeError to marks the control as dirty or pristine.
  • Refactor Validators.minLength and Validators.maxLength to be use with:
    • FormArray
    • FormControl of type Iterable
    • FormControl of type String
    • FormGroup
  • Add better data types definition in FormBuilder.array declaration.

6.0.4 #

Features #

  • Add arguments emitEvent and updateParent to FormArray.clear() method.

6.0.3 #

Enhanced #

  • Changes all arguments of data type Iterable with List data type to force compiler errors when not correctly cast MappedListIterable with List.

6.0.2 #

Fixes #

  • Fix control value accessor that doesn't update the control when LengthLimitingTextInputFormatter reached the max length.

6.0.1 #

Fixes #

  • Fix error when dispose a FocusController already registered in a control.

6.0.0 #

Breaking changes #

  • Add big refactor in focus handlers of a FormControl. Change argument data type in FormControl.focusChanges event, from FocusEvent to bool.

Fixes #

  • Fix infinity loop that freeze apps when two or more ReactiveTextField were binded to the same FormControl and changing focus between them.
  • Fix FormGroup.addAll now updates group pristine/dirty state of the group and trigger FormControlCollection.collectionChanges event.

Features #

  • Add FormArray.clear() that remove all children controls of the array.

5.0.4 #

Features #

  • Add optionally argument showErrors to ReactiveTextField and ReactiveDropdownField to customize when to show up validations messages. Validation messages by default change to visible when control is invalid and touched. With showErrors function this default behavior can be customized.

5.0.3 #

Breaking changes #

  • Rename FormControl.focused by FormControl.hasFocus.
  • Change ReactiveFormBuilder.builder(context) by ReactiveFormBuilder.builder().
  • Change argument in FormControl.focusChanges event from bool to FocusEvent.

Features #

  • Add FormGroup.unfocus() and FormArray.unfocus() to remove focus of children controls.
  • Add FormArray.focus(String name) to set focus on a control.
  • Add optional argument to AbstractControl.unfocus(bool touched) to mark controls as untouched when remove focus.
  • Add optional argument to AbstractControl.reset(bool removeFocus) to remove focus on control when reset the control/form/array.

Fixes #

  • Fix ReactiveFormBuilder initializations in debug mode.

5.0.2 #

  • Fix add custom valueAccessor to text field.

5.0.1 #

  • Fix Validators.min and Validators.max with non comparable controls.

5.0.0 #

Breaking changes #

  • Rename touch() and untouch() by markAsTouched() and markAsUntouched()
  • Rename enable() and disable() by markAsEnabled() and markAsDisabled()
  • Add AbstractControl.markAllAsTouched to mark all controls of a FromGroup or a FormArray as touched. AbstractControl.markAsTouched doesn't marks children as touched anymore.
  • Validators.compose now act as and AND and returns a ValidatorFunction instead of a List of ValidatorFunction
  • InputParsers have been replaced by ControlValueAccessor.

Features #

  • Add new control status pristine and dirty.
  • FormGroup.control(String name) and FormArray.control(String name) now let specify the name argument as a dot-delimited string that represents the path to the nested control as nested1.nested2.nested.3.etc.
  • Add FormBuilder.array() and FormBuilder.control() for creating arrays and controls.
  • ReactiveValueListenableBuilder brings now the possibility to provide directly the control instead of just the control name.
  • Add Validators.composeOR to combines multiples validators in one and evaluates as an OR, if at least one validator evaluates to VALID then the control is valid.
  • Add ControlValueAccessor to convert value data types from UI to model and vice versa.
  • Add FormGroup.focus(String name) to set focus to a child control.

Widgets #

  • Add ReactiveFormBuilder useful for defining a FormGroup and a ReactiveForm at the same time in a stateless widget.

Validators #

  • Add validators:
    • Validators.requiredTrue
    • Validators.equals
    • Validators.min
    • Validators.max
    • Validators.composeOR

Fixes #

  • ReactiveRadioListTile widget is now available.

4.0.2 #

  • Fix with initial value in null.

Features #

  • Add FormBuilder.state to create a ControlState.

4.0.1 #

  • Fix async update in InheritedStreamer widget that raised exception when declare a form group in a stateless widget.

4.0.0 #

Features #

  • FormControl.reset() can now set the disabled status of the control as an optional argument.
  • Implements FormGroup.resetState() and FormArray.resetState() to reset children controls with initial value and disabled status.

Breaking Changes #

  • FormControl constructor receives value instead of defaultValue. To reset a control to a initial value you must call FormControl.reset() and supply initial value.

3.0.1 #

  • Fix Luhn algorithm in credit card validator.

3.0.0 #

  • Fixes:

    • FormGroup.reset() marks control as untouched and hide UI validation errors.
    • FormGroup.reset() sets empty string to input text fields if control value is null.
  • Features:

    • InputParser added to ReactiveTextField. Now you can declare a FormControl with int or double data type and bind it to an input text field.

2.0.8 #

  • Fixed card number length in Validators.creditCard

2.0.7 #

  • Minor changes and code documentation.
  • New Validator
    • *Validators.creditCard* that validates a credit card number using the Luhn algorithm.

2.0.6 #

  • Optimized FormGroup and FormArray value gets.
  • FormBuilder docs added to

2.0.5 #

  • fixed ReactiveDropdownField.onChanged not triggered when control value didn't changes

2.0.4 #

  • Minor fixes in ReactiveDropdownField.

2.0.3 #

  • Minor fixes.

2.0.2 #

  • Added basic implementation of FormBuilder to build FormGroup easily.
  • Added onChanged callback to ReactiveDropdownField.

2.0.1 #

  • Now ReactiveDropdownField not set value of control to null when no matching item founded.

2.0.0 #

  • Added onWillPop to ReactiveForm widget.
  • Enable/disable controls, groups and arrays.
  • Now you can access the parent group or array with the property FormControl.parent.

Fixes #

  • Removed restriction of empty item's array in ReactiveDropdown.
  • Assert error in ReactiveDropdown when control value not match any item values.
  • Slider assert error when control bounded to slider initialize in null value.

Breaking Changes #

  • Use of Streams to notify events.
  • Renamed event names.

See Migration Guide to see how to migrate from version 1.x to 2.x.

1.1.0 #

  • Async validators now have a debounce timer in milliseconds that can be passed as argument to FormControl. This is useful for example to reduce requests to an API.
  • Now you can optionally pass a FormControl directly to reactive widgets instead of the control's name. You must provide a formControlName or a formControl but not both at the same time.
  • Set value an array value to FormArray insert missing items

1.0.10 #

  • Composing validators with Validators.compose
  • Added optionally type to ReactiveFormArray widget

1.0.9 #

  • Added utilities an extensions to AbstractControl
    • AbstractControl.isNull
    • AbstractControl.isNullOrEmpty for controls of type String
  • Minor fixes

1.0.8 #

Fixes #

  • FormArray and FormGroup now notify value changes when a control without validators changes its value.

1.0.7 #

  • FormGroup.touch mask all controls as touched.

  • Renamed FormGroup.formControl to FormGroup.control and FormArray.formControl to FormArray.control to get controls by name.

  • ReactiveValueListenableBuilder.builder now pass the control as parameter instead of the value so you can get access to the control within the builder function.

  • Added FormGroup.controls and FormArray.controls to iterate over child controls.

  • Bonus widgets:

    • ReactiveDatePicker
    • ReactiveTimePicker

1.0.6 #

  • Fixed ReactiveCheckbox and ReactiveCheckboxListTile exception when binding with FormControl with null value.
  • Increased code tests coverage to 92% (a lot of tests).
  • FormArray.removeAt method added to remove a control given the index position.

1.0.5 #

  • Added ReactiveTextField.onSubmitted for an example of how to handle moving to the next/previous field when using and TextInputAction.previous for textInputAction.
  • Included property ReactiveSwitchListTile.inactiveThumbImage.
  • Included properties autofocus to ReactiveCheckbox, ReactiveRadio and ReactiveSwitch.
  • Included callbacks ReactiveSlider.onChangeEnd and ReactiveSlider.onChangeStart.

1.0.4 #

Fixes: #

  • FormArray now correctly notify status depending of children status.

1.0.3 #

New Validators #

  • Async Validators (only FormControl for now...)
  • Controls have now three different states: VALID, INVALID, PENDING (this last one was specially included due to async validators, the control is PENDING until validator completes)
  • Added documentations about Validator.pattern
  • Added Async Validator's example in example application /example/main.dart.

New Models #

  • FormArray (aggregates the values of each child FormControl into an array)

New Reactive Widgets: #

  • ReactiveFormArray
  • ReactiveCheckboxListTile
  • ReactiveSwitchListTile
  • ReactiveRadioListTile
  • ReactiveStatusListenableBuilder

1.0.2 #

  • Added class ValidationMessage for common validation messages key as: required, email, etc.
  • Added Documentation of ValidationMessage.
  • Minor typo fix in documentation text.

1.0.1 #

  • Added an example application

1.0.0 #

Predefined validators #

  • Validators.required
  • Validators.number
  • Validators.minLength
  • Validators.maxLength
  • Validators.pattern

Supported Reactive Form Fields Widgets #

  • ReactiveTextField
  • ReactiveDropdownField
  • ReactiveSwitch
  • ReactiveCheckbox
  • ReactiveRadio
  • ReactiveSlider

Other Reactive Forms Widgets #

  • ReactiveForm
  • ReactiveFormConsumer
  • ReactiveValueListenableBuilder
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This is a model-driven approach to handling form inputs and validations, heavily inspired in Angular Reactive Forms.

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