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A beautiful and customizable Star Rating Dialog package for Flutter

[2.0.4] - April 29, 2022 #

Updated metadata

[2.0.2] - October 19, 2021 #

  • Breaking Changes title & message parameter has been changed from type String to Text, initialRating parameter has been changed from type int to double submitButton parameter has been renamed to submitButtonText ratingColor parameter has been renamed to starColor default initialRating value to 0.0

  • New! starSize parameter to set the size of the star

  • New! submitButtonTextStyle parameter to set your custom text style for the submit button

  • Improved! Changed from StatelessWidget to StatefulWidget

  • Improved! Submit Button is automatically disabled when rating is 0

[2.0.1] - June 17, 2021 #

set initial rating value via constructor new enableComment parameter to enable/disable comment area improved message and image are now optional

[2.0.0] - March 6, 2021 #

  • Breaking Changes description parameter is renamed to message, icon is renamed to image, onSubmitPressed is renamed to onSubmitted, accentColor is renamed to ratingColor, removed alternativeButton, removed positiveComment, removed negativeComment, removed onAlternativePressed, new onCancelled callback function, new force parameter to force users to leave a rating, new commentHint parameter for comment text field hiint

  • Added! support for null safety

  • Improved! rating bar using flutter_rating_bar https://pub.dev/packages/flutter_rating_bar

  • Added! documentations

  • Migrated! example android project to v2 embedding

  • Added! macos & web targets for example

  • Fixed! example project's package path warning

  • Improved! example project with actual app store review/rating

  • Thanks to these contributors: https://github.com/davidAg9, https://github.com/kszczek, https://github.com/chan27-2

[1.0.0] - March 22, 2019 #

  • Initial Release
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A beautiful and customizable Star Rating Dialog package for Flutter

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